WMEG-AM  920 
Eau Gallie

Original Call Letters: WMEG

Originally Licensed:  Jan 4, 1956

Original City of  License: Eau Gallie

Original Frequency: 920

Origination of Call Letters: Location; Melbourne/Eau Gallie

Original Power: 1,000 watts daytime      

Original location: 512 Riverview Drive

Original Format: Full Service   

Network Affiliation(s):

United Press International


1956-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Co. c/o Victoria Martin
1957-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
1967-WMEG, Inc.
1973-Radio Melbourne, Inc.
1974-Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting Co.
1993-Twin Towers Broadcasting ($350,00)
2005-David Ryder (Receiver)
2007-Divine Mercy Communications Inc  ($650,000)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WMEG-1956-Full Service/MOR
WMEL-1993-News/Talk  "The Talk To Me Station"
WDMC-2007-Catholic  "Divine Mercy Radio"

WMEG History 
WMEG, named for the cities of Melbourne and Eau Gallie, was co-founded by Victoria Raymond and A.V. "Chick" Catterton, the former general manager at WMMB-AM 1240. The two cities Eau Gallie and Melbourne would become one "Melbourne" as a result of a consolidation in 1969. The station's call letters later became WMEL-AM 920.  Ms. Raymond, whose maiden name was Martin, was a pioneer in Brevard's radio history. She and her parents, John and Anne Martin, were winter residents who began coming to Melbourne from their home in Amityville, N.Y. in 1923. In 1940, Victoria moved to Melbourne after graduating from Cornell University and landed her first job at the Melbourne Naval Air Station in 1941. In 1948, Raymond became acquainted with John Turner and others who were involved in starting Melbourne's first radio station, WMMB-AM 1240. Victoria was hired to answer the telephones, among other small tasks. By the end of the year, she had become the advertising director for the station and, in time, became program manager. By 1955, Raymond and Catterton decided to start their own radio station, and in 1956, WMEG was on the air. In those days, announcers faced rattlesnakes in the studio and the early astronauts came in for interviews. The station sits at 1800 Turtle Mound Road. In a 2003 interview with Florida Today  John Harper told the reporter; "We've modified the station over the years, but the original building is still at the same location". "In the 1956, there were far fewer people in Brevard." At the time, WMEG played hits from Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Benny Goodman. Radio shows included "The Lone Ranger." Victoria Raymond retired from radio in the late 1960s and died at the age of 100 in 2003. 

Mr. John Harper, Owner/President of WMEL-AM 920 was kind enough to supply us with the history of WMEG. From Mr. Harpers email; "...WMEL Radio signed on the air New Years Day 1956. It actually started with the call letters of WMEG (for Melbourne/Eau Gallie) WMEG is the second oldest station in Brevard County. The station was a full service station in those days airing music programs during its day time operation. In the mid 60's the station changed call letters and became WMEL Radio."

New Eau Gallic Radio Station To Open Jan. 4
Orlando Evening Star Dec 29, 1955 
Eau Gallie radio station WMEG, the county's newest radio station and South Brevard's most powerful voice, will go on the air at 6 a.m. Jan. 4. A. V. "Chick" Catterton, former Melbourne mayor, is general manager and news director of the station with studio and tower located just off of Lake Washington Rd west of Eau Gallie.  Miss Victoria Raymond is assistant manager and program director. Other members of the staff of the 1,000 watt station are Bob Whitely, chief engineer; Bob Jobes, commercial manager; Dean Wilson, announcer and salesman; Freddie Marshall, announcer, and Sallie Pope, traffic secretary. The station will present full coverage on local, national and world news and ; will feature programs on music, comedy, religion, sports and drama, Catterton has announced. WMEG will cover the area from Daytona Beach south to Ft. Pierce, he said. 

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The Orlando Sentinel 12-14-55.jpg (188716 bytes)
Orlando Sentinel Dec. 14, 1955

Orlando Evening Star Jan 3,1956

Names In WMEG History

Norman E. Jorgensen-1956-President-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

A.V. "Chick" Catterton
-1956-Vice President/General Manager/News Director/1958-President/General Manager/News Director-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp   
In Memory 

Victoria Raymond
-1956-Treasurer/Sales/1957-Assistant Manager/Program Director/1958-Secretary Treasurer /Assistant Manager/Advertising
Manager -Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp. Biography    In Memory

Bob Jobes-1956-Commercial Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
S. Krieger-1956-Secreatary-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Dean Wilson-1956-Commercial Manager/1960-Vice President/General Manager/1963-General Manager/1964-Executive Vice President/General Manager/ 1964-News Director-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Freddie Marshall-1956-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Robert Whitley-1956-Chief Engineer-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Sallie Pope-1956-Traffic Secretary-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Roy Wentworth-1958-Commercial Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Donna Walters-1959-Program Director-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Gene Bueckman-1959-Promotion Director-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Arthur Gliner-1959-Chief Engineer-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Jeanine Joiner-1959-Women's Director-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Alan White-1960-Commercial Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Hugh Robinson-1960-Program Director/Promotions Manager/1963-Assistant Manager/Sales Manager/Promotions Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Eugene Huntley-1960-Chief Engineer-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Charles Varner-1963-President-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Helen Cary-1963-Program Director-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
James Thomas-1963-Chief Engineer-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Robert Norris-1964-Commercial Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Ray Beale-1964-Program Director/Promotions Manager/1965-Operations Director-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.
Greg Ayres-1965-Commercial Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Bill Hampton-1965-News Director-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Merrill Mazeur-1965-Unit Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Maurice Gralla-1966-President/General Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Norman Doyle-1966-Comercial Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Richard Faque-1966-Program Director/Operations Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Morton Schaap-1966-News Director-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Ernest Legge-1966-Operations Manager/Chief Engineer-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp./1967-News Director -WMEG, Inc.   In Memory

Forrest Wood-1966-Chief Engineer-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Edward Williams-1967-Sales Manager-Mel-Eau Broadcasting Corp.

Jack Siegel-1967-President/General Manager-WMEG, Inc.
Ed Williams-1969-Commercial Manager-WMEG, Inc.
George Bason-1969-Progam Director-WMEG, Inc.
Ron Gull-1967-Promotions Manager-WMEG, Inc.
Robert Groom-1969-Chief Engineer-WMEG, Inc.
Dennis Shepperd-1971-Program Director/1972-Promotions Manager-WMEG, Inc.
Joe Matthews-1967-Commercial Manager/1971-National Sales Manager-WMEG, Inc.
Bill Baker-1967-Program Director/1971-News Director-WMEG, Inc.
Mark Manucy-1967-Chief Engineer-WMEG, Inc.

Lynn Younger-1972-Program Director-WMEG, Inc.

Bud Andrews-1972-News Director-WMEG, Inc.
Al Radlein-1972-Chief Engineer-WMEG, Inc.

Barbara Bancroft-"Talk of the Town" 

Norman Protsman

Other Programs In WMEG History

The Lone Ranger 

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