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Fred King-WKKO-1967-1972- Mid Days (10AM-2-PM) Fred remembers one contest vividly. "I was taking calls for a prize (a portable radio) and I got a call from a listener in kind of an unusual location. This was in 1969 and we were gearing up for Man's first walk on the moon. I asked the caller where they were calling from and he said "from the top of the rocket that's going to the moon." He turned out to be one of  the mechanics performing the final checkup before launch... ""...I left (WK)KO in 1972 and went to WLOF(-AM 950) in Orlando and then to "CK101" (WCKS-FM 101.1) in Cocoa Beach using the name Sean King.  Around 1985, the new owners at WKKO(-AM 860) received approval for a 24hour license and changed their call letters to "CK86".  I went back to work for them around that time as news director and sometimes jock. After several format changes in the space of a year or two, the station went dark..." "Those were great days for me and I'll never forget them. It was truly an exciting time because of the moon shot and an equally sad time when the space program slowed down for a while in the early 70's. That little AM Top forty at 860 had a great signal and maintained top ratings in the first years I was there."
Fred fills us in on his time at "CK101".  "I went to work there in 1973 after leaving WLOF.  It had been a real sleeper. 100,000 watts, 24 hours,  playing elevator music and a classical music show on Sunday nights with Don Becker hosting. FM was just beginning to go through a major change and WCKS was a prime candidate for a change. There used to be a saying going around in radio circles that "Old radio announcers never die, they just go to FM stations". That all changed in the early 70's. At the time I came aboard, the general manager was Ralph Hatcher, the Program Director was Les Roberson and the station was experimenting with an MOR format. Personnel I remember then were Ed Livingston, Bud Andrews, Dale Wright, & Bill Baker. Sometime around 1975, the company hired Mike Josephs as a consultant and the station went to a strict top forty format. Josephs hired a few people from WRKT (top rocker at that time in Brevard County) and started giving away big bucks in contest money. It worked and a year later we were #1. Some of the people I remember from those days were Steve Ocean, Spanky McCoy, Gabe Burton, Chris O'Neill, Barbara Barri ..." "I remember the station specifically because we were paid to come in an hour early to fill out a music sheet and plan our intros before going on the air. I hated that part of it and left sometime in '77' or '78'."

Fred Klein aka Sean King aka Fred King passed away Saturday, July 28, 2007. In Memory

Fred King at WKKO-AM 860
Nov. 23, 1967


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