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Dave Edwards tells us about Gabe. "...Gabe and Bill Barber went to school together and worked at many of the same stations including WVGT-AM 1580 and WLOF-AM 950. Gabe had a long stint at WSTF-FM 101.1 "Star 101".

Here's Gabe at CK101 WCKS                   Gabe at WABR-AM 1440
                   courtesy of Dick Camnitz

gabe star 101 91.jpg (185993 bytes)From Dave Edwards; "Gabe's career included a long stint at "Star 101" (WSTF) Here he is pictured at that stations BEAUTIFUL facility (in 1991)..." Dave also makes mention to "Note the Neumann Mic."

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Photo courtesy of Gabe Burton 

Lunch Comes 37 Years Later For These 3 Amigos    9-16-10
Dave Edwards (Center), sent along this photo and told us; "I finally got the chance to have lunch with the guys responsible for me getting into radio in the early  70s.  37 years later we had lunch together in Titusville this past Wednesday (Sep 15, 2010) - Dave Edwards (L),  Dave Edwards (C) and Gabriel Burton (R). It was great seeing these guys again!                                                                

DaveDaveGabe9.15.10.jpg (114055 bytes)
photo courtesy of Dave Edwards

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