WCKS-FM 101.1 
Cocoa Beach

Original Call Letters: WXBR

Originally Licensed: Jul 19, 1962

Original City of  License: Cocoa Beach

Original Frequency: 101.1 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Top 40

Network Affiliation(s):



1962-Stereo Broadcasting, Corp.
1968-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
1971-Southland Broadcasting
1985-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc
1993-Paxson Broadcasting   ($6.7 Million)
1997-Clear Channel Communications, Inc
2008-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2009-Clear Channel Licenses, Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WXBR-1963-Light Classical
WCKS-1968-Top 40  "CK-101"
WCKS-1972-Beautiful Music
WCKS-1978-Top 40
WDOQ-1984-Rock  "Q-102''
WDOQ-1984-Adult Contemporary
WCFI-1984-Adult Contemporary (Transtar Satellite Service) "I-4"  
WSTF-1985-Adult  Contemporary  "Sunny 101"  "Star 101"
WVRI-1992-Adult Contemporary "Variety 101"
WVRI-1992-Adult Contemporary "Variety 101"
WJRR-2002-Alternative   "Real Rock 101"

Notes On WCKS

From Ray Myers: United Radio Network used the station for most of the Apollo Missions as local anchor for the network. 

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Thanks to Sean King for these photos 


CK101 Van

WCKS "CK101" Personalities
Dick Olsen-1970-Program Director-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
Les Roberson-1972-Operations Manager/News Director/1974-General Manager-Southland Broadcasting/1985-General Manager-Capitol Broadcasting Co. of Raleigh, N.C.
Fred King (Sean King)-1972-Promotions Manager/1974-Program Director-Southland Broadcasting 
Sean King-1972-1978-Biography   In Memory

Sean tells a great radio tale; "I worked different shifts at CK, usually 10 to 3, but did overnights towards the end. I used my air name from WLOF(-AM 950), Sean King. My favorite story is one when I was doing AM drive on a Saturday and I saw Stan Anderson, who was doing news that day, going out front to watch a rocket launching from the Cape. We could feel the familiar rumble beneath our feet as the station was located only a couple of miles from the Space Center in Cape Canaveral. I promptly found a 5 minute track to play and decided to join him to watch the launch. Once out the door, I looked up at the sky, but heard a "click" behind me. I suddenly realized that Stan and I were the only people in the building that morning and I had just managed to lock us out with the automatic door lock. Neither one of us had a key as it was a 24 hour operation. Fortunately, the Program Director, Les Roberson,  lived only a few blocks away. Stan was able to wake him and use his key. We had about 15 minutes of "dead air". I wasn't looking forward to seeing (Les) the P.D. that day. Actually he took it pretty well and ribbed us about it in the months to come." 
Gloria Lee -1973-1977-Teamed with husband Dick Lee-Mornings-Radio Filchburg, Inc.

Stan Anderson
-1974-1985-Engineer/Promotions Director/
News Director-Southland Broadcasting Biography     In Memory
Dick Lee-1973-1977-Teamed with wife Gloria Lee-Mornings-Radio Filchburg, Inc./1974-1978- Commercial Manager-Southland Broadcasting
Dale Wright-1974-Music Director-Southland Broadcasting      In Memory

Michael W. Lowe-1975-Music Director/1982-Program Director-Southland Broadcasting   Biography

Benjamin Hill-1976-Program Director-Southland Broadcasting  Biography
Rita Lorraine (Rita Giddings)-1976-Southland Broadcasting Biography
Mike Stone-1978-Music Director-Southland Broadcasting
Steve Ocean (Steve Klass)-1978-Music Director-Southland Broadcasting  In Memory

Mike McCoy-1979-Production Director-Southland Broadcasting
Chip Taylor-1980-1981-Program Director/Mid-days-Southland Broadcasting
Chris Bailey-1982-Music Director-Southland Broadcasting
Michael Moriarty-1982-News Director-Southland Broadcasting

Steve Craig (Steve Biddle)-1983-News Director-Southland Broadcasting

Mel Burns (Perry Moore)-1985-Home News Publishing Co.  Biography    In Memory
Alan Edwards-1985-Program Director-Home News Publishing Co. 
Greg Shannon (Paul Gardiner)
Chris Wolf
Alan Thompson
Kym Landers

Brian Morgan
Mark St. John
Billy Charles
Jim Lewis

Gabe Burton
Jim Morgan-the voice of Wal-Mart
Jon Greenwood
Jan Moore (Leslie Overby)-Office Manager/Swing shifts
Bubba Sutton
Beth Dickey
Larry Kessler
Michael Kelly-News Director

Bobby Sharpe
Jeri Banta-Afternoon Drive

Bobby Knight-Program Director

Tremonte Watts-Weekend overnights

Jason Douglas (Robert Curtis) 

Jim Sumter

Other Names In WCKS History
Norman Knight-1969-President-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
A.R. Mack-1969-General Manager-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
Thomas Lynch-1969-Commercial Manager-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
William Coble-1970-General Manager-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
William Gorman-1970-Commercial Manager-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
Don Becker-1970-Promotions Manager-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
Charles Murray-1970-Chief Engineer-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
Pauline Metcalf-1971-Partner/Owner-Southland Broadcasting
Esther Muran-1971-Partner/Owner-Southland Broadcasting
William Corkhum-1971-Partner/Owner/1972-President-Southland Broadcasting
Ralph Hatcher-1972-General Manager-Southland Broadcasting
Tom Morley-1972-Commercial Manager/1974-Regional Sales Manager-Southland Broadcasting
Bob Bevis-1972-Chief Engineer-Southland Broadcasting
Bill Baker-1974-Chief Engineer/1978-Operations Manager/Chief Engineer-Southland Broadcasting
Richard Hinshaw-1976-Commercvial Manager-Southland Broadcasting
Tom Love-1978-Sales Manager-Southland Broadcasting
Howard Feingold-1982-Sales Manager-Southland Broadcasting
Leslie Morris-1983-National Sales Manager-Southland Broadcasting
Allen Edwards-1984-Program Director-Abell Communications
John Bogart-1984-1985-Production Director-Abell Communications
Frank Konn-Sales
Ray St. James
Ginny Johnson
Spanky McCoy (Talmadge Bartell)

From the Stan Anderson collection;
Spanky McCoy cuts the 2nd birthday cake at CK101  

photos courtesy of Stan Anderson

courtesy of Kevin Coldiron

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