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While working in Massachusetts, Joe was contacted by friend Jim Long who was working in Utica, NY. Jim offered Joe a job with him in Utica. They worked together for a while and eventually Jim became the Program Director at WKIS-AM 740 in Orlando. Jim asked Joe if he'd would be interested in moving here. So Joe made the move to Central Florida and was hired as News Director at WKIS-AM 740 in August of 1965. Jim then left for bigger and better things in Dallas and Joe became Program Director in 1966. In Massachusetts Joe worked with another Central Florida Radio legend, Russ Wheeler. Turns out Russ and Jim Long were old pals, (Joe still keeps in touch with both men). Russ was working in Miami at the time but agreed to come up to Orlando and WKIS, thanks to efforts of owner Tom Cassel. So Joe and Russ were together again. In 1968 Joe left WKIS and went to Boston. He lasted one winter and came back to Florida and WKIS where he worked until owner Tom Cassel died and station was sold to Susquehanna Broadcasting Co. in 1971. Part of the Susquehanna take over team was Gene Burns whom Joe met at WEEI in Boston.  In 1972, Gene, who was Program Director at the time, fired Joe from WKIS. Joe moved around, working at places like WESH-TV until WLOQ-FM 103.1's Herb Gross and the late Bob Keith hired Joe at WLOQ. Joe lasted, an almost unheard of, 30 years. In the final years he even did a daily commentary, until he was replaced in 2007 by automation. 
Joe tells us; "...Along the way I met and became friends with the afore mentioned Russ Wheeler, Bob Keith, Gene Burns and Tom Cassel. Also Bill Bauman who was first newsman I knew who got to work in Blue Jeans. He later was GM at WESH, Marty Stebbins, Doris Ashwell, Bob Kelley, Mick Dolan, Ken Dixon, Tracey Young and engineer John Loving with whom, along with Herb Gross I am still in touch..." "... It has been quite a ride."

30 Year Veteran Let Go From WLOQ  
WLOQ-FM 103.1 has let go the veteran overnight man Joe Francis. Joe had been holding down the overnights from midnight until 5:30AM starting back in 1986. Word is the overnights now will be automated. 

Joe Francis Passes
Joe Francis who was with WLOQ-FM 103.1 for over 30 years, and in the business for over 50 years. Joe was with his son and his family in Georgia when he passed.

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