WOCL-FM 105.9

Original Call Letters: WOOO 

Originally Licensed: Jul 10, 1967 

Original City of License: Deland 

Original Frequency: 105.9

Origin of Call Letters:   

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location: 1800 Pembrook Dr., Orlando

Original Format: Jammin' Oldies

Network Affiliation(s):


1967-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
1975-WELE Radio, Inc
1976-Joe Gratz  In Memory
1981- Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting
1986-American Media, Inc. ($7.5 million)
1997-Chancellor Media 
2000-Infinity Radio (Viacom-CBS)
2006-Chancellor Media (CBS Radio)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:


WDLF-1981-40's, 50's, 60's music "The Sounds of Your Life"
WELE-1976-Country  "The Big Wheel"
WMGG-1986-Adult Contemporary
WOCL-1986-Oldies  "Class 105.9"
WOCL-1988-50's to 70's Oldies  "Cool 105.9"  "Good Time Oldies"
WOCL-1999-Jammin' Oldies   "Power 105.9"
WOCL-2000-Alternative   "O-Rock 105-9"
WOCL-2008-Classic Hits "Sunny 105.9"

History of WOCL
WOCL began as WOOO;
Mr. Brian Tolby, past owner of WSBB-AM 1230, New Smyrna Beach, fills us in on the history of WOOO which would become WOCL. "...That station was to be a Winter Park FM, WABR(-AM 1440), owned by the Petersons who also owned Peterson Outdoor Advertising in Orange & Seminole counties, who were sitting on an FM permit. I filed to move it to Deland and it went on the air in l965. I sold that station in l976 to Joe Gratz who owned WELE AM (1380) and he changed the calls to WELE-FM..."
In 1999 WOCL became Power 105.9. The new format - known as Jammin' Oldies or Rhythmic Oldies is a blend of disco, 1970's soul music and Motown recording acts such as Marvin Gaye and the Supremes.

WOCL Will Pay Good Money For 1 Good Name

By Jim Abbott of The Sentinel Staff | September 24, 1999
There are plenty of radio contests for listeners, but industry insiders are potential winners in a new offer from Power 105.9 FM (WOCL). The station is offering a $10,000 bounty to anyone who connects WOCL to a program director to replace Steve Kelly, who abandoned ship after just two weeks on the job this past summer. WOCL is making the offer on the Internet, through a message board on All Access, an industry Web site at www.allaccess.com that routinely presents help-wanted ads. Yet there's something out of the ordinary about WOCL's offer, which suggests that the station is having a hard time attracting suitable applicants.

Personalities In "Power 105.9" History

Bill Fries-1989-1999-Intern/Morning Show Producer/1991-1992-Production Director/1992-1994-Marketing Director/Promotion Manager/1994-Program Director-American Media, Inc.. In an email from Bill; "...I did the flip from Cool 105.9 to Power 105.9 in 1999 (not my decision)"-Chancellor Media 

Steve Kelly-1999-1999-Program Director/Morning Co-host -Chancellor Media (Steve left after just 2 weeks) Biography

Erin Somers-1999-1999-Morning co-host-Chancellor Media                   

Melanie Hairston-1999-2000-Music Director-Chancellor Media   

Gary Van Allen (Gary Warne)-1997-1999-Production/Air Talent/News-Chancellor Media 

The Sexy Savannah (Heather Boan)-2006-Chancellor Media

Bobby Smith-Program Director/Afternoon Drive

Kathy Aparo

Terry Mason   In Memory

Banana Joe" Montione (Voice tracked from Dallas)    In Memory

Bill Luby

Burke Allen-Program Director

Mel Taylor

Curt Curry (Curt Creel)-Weekends

Dustin Kross

Other Names In Power 105.9 History

Dan Wachs-General Manager
Nick Puddicombe-Sales Director
J.C. Campese-Marketing Director
Jason Rampese-Promotion Director
Robin Smith-General Manager


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