WOOO-FM 105.9

Original Call Letters: WOOO  

Originally Licensed: Jul 10, 1965

Original City of  License: Deland

Original Frequency: 105.9

Origin of Call Letters: Co-owned with WOOO-AM 1310

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Format: Country

Original Location: 316 E. Taylor Road

Network Affiliation(s):


1967-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
1975-WELE Radio, Inc
1976-Joe Gratz  In Memory
1981- Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting
1986-American Media, Inc. ($7.5 million)
1997-Chancellor Media 
2000-Infinity Radio (Viacom-CBS)
2006-Chancellor Media (CBS Radio)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WELE-1976-Country  "The Big Wheel"
WMGG-1986-Adult Contemporary
WOCL-1986-Oldies  "Class 105.9"
WOCL-1988-50's to 70's Oldies  "Cool 105.9"  "Good Time Oldies"
WOCL-1999-Jammin' Oldies   "Power 105.9"
WOCL-2000-Alternative   "O-Rock 105-9"
WOCL-2008-Greatest Hits  "Orland's Greatest Hits"

History of WOOO
Mr. Brian Tolby, past owner of WSBB-AM 1230, New Smyrna Beach, fills us in on the history of WOOO-FM. "...That station was to be a Winter Park FM, WABR, owned by the Petersons who also owned Peterson Outdoor Advertising in Orange & Seminole counties, who were sitting on an FM permit. I filed to move it to Deland and it went on the air in l965. I sold that station in l976 to Joe Gratz who owned (WELE-AM 1380) and he changed the calls to WELE-FM..."
WOOO-FM shared space at the studios of  WOOO-AM 1310 at 316 E. Taylor Road.



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