WELE-AM 1590 

South Daytona

Original Call Letters: WDAT 

Originally Licensed: June 1957  

Original City of  License: South Daytona

Original Frequency: 1590

Origin of Call Letters:

Original Power: 1,000 watts day time

Original Format: Country Western

Original Location: 

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System


-Thomas Carr

1957-Daytona Broadcasting Company

1959-Quality Broadcasters of Daytona, Inc.

1963-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.

1967-J. Shea Peeples

1972-WELE Radio, Inc.

1972-WELE Radio, Inc. (New Ownership)
1988-Tama Broadcasting Inc.
  1989-Psi Communications, Inc. ($250,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WDAT-1957-Country Western   "Serving The Heart of Florida"
WELE-1959-Country Western
WPUL-1989-Black Gospel/R&B Oldies  "Victory Radio"
WPUL-1996-Urban Contemporary
WPUL-2001-Gospel  "AM 1590 Victory Radio"
WPUL-2005-Progressive Talk   
WPUL-2018-Latin Hits   "La Jeffa" ("The Boss")
WDJZ-2022--Jazz   "100.7 The Wave"

WELE History
From K.P. Manning; "Sid Frazer and Sheldon "Shelly" Katz from New York City owned both, WELE-AM and
WELE-FM (105.9). (They) sold the AM first, then the FM. Sid owns Frazer Advertising in Daytona..."

Names In WELE History

R. Kelvin Shivers-1960-President-Quality Broadcasters of Daytona, Inc.
Val Carter-1960-Station Manager-Quality Broadcasters of Daytona, Inc.
Claire Warren-1960-Publicity Director-Quality Broadcasters of Daytona, Inc.
George Nelson-1960-Chief Engineer-Quality Broadcasters of Daytona, Inc./1963-Chief Engineer-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
James Artis-1963-Executor of R. Kelvin Shivers Estate-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Arlene Schmidt-1963-Acting Manager-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Lovell Dyett-1963-Commercial Manager/Program Manager-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Jerry Norman-1965-General Manager/1966-President/General Manager-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Melvin Grace-1965-Program Director-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Clarence Steger-1965-News Director-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Joseph Matthews-1966-Commercial Manager-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Ken Henderson-1966-Program Manager-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Ann Hicks-1966-Program Manager-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Jerry Nelson-1966-NewsDirector/1967-Program Director-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Frank Webb-1966-1967-Chief Engineer-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Charles Hicks-1967-President-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
John Carr-1967-General Manager-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
Gene McMahon-1967-Commercial Manager-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp./1967-Commercial Manager-J. Shea Peeples/1972 - Vice President-WELE Radio, Inc.
Jim King-1967-Promotions Manager-WELE, Inc.
Ron Mac-1967-News Director-Seven Cities Broadcasting Corp.
J. Shea Peeples-1967-President-WELE, Inc.
Maynard Dillabar-1967-Vice President/General Manager-WELE, Inc.
Bob King-1967-1976-Program Director/Mornings-WELE, Inc./1972-Program Director-WELE Radio, Inc.
Jean Lewis-1967-Program Manager-WELE, Inc.
Art Hill-1967-News Director-J. Shea Peeples
Jack McClure-1967-Chief Engineer-WELE, Inc.

John Holiday (Clyde Thodey)-1968-6AM-10AM-WELE, Inc.  
In Memory

Tom Graddy
(Ray Thomas “Tom” Graddy, II)-1968-WELE Radio, Inc. In Memory


Lynda Browning-1970-Promotions Manager-WELE, Inc.
John Rogers-1970-News Director-WELE, Inc.
John Hackman-1970-Chief Engineer-WELE, Inc.
Joe Gratz-1972-President-WELE Radio, Inc. In Memory
Dave Bauder-1972-News Director-WELE Radio, Inc
Sidney Frazer-1972-Co-Owner-WELE Radio, Inc.
Sheldon Katz-1972-Co-Owner-WELE Radio, Inc.
Tim Tillis-1972-Chief Engineer-WELE Radio, Inc.

K.P. Manning
-WELE Radio, Inc.  Biography     In Memory
Randy Thomas-WELE Radio, Inc.
Gary Welch-WELE Radio, Inc.

"Big" John Rogers-WELE Radio, Inc.
Zach Taylor-WELE Radio, Inc.

George "Harold" Utter-Engineer-WELE Radio, Inc.  In Memory 


Daytona Beach News Journal 1975

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