WFRB-AM 860 

Original Call Letters: WKKO

Originally Licensed: Jan. 4, 1951  

Original City of License: Cocoa 

Original Frequency: 860

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 50,000 Watts, Directional

Original Location: 

Original Format: News/Talk

Network Affiliation(s):


1952-Brevard Broadcasting Company
1959-Marvin Rothschild
1970-Cocoa One Inc.
1975-Emcom Associates
1984-Dickson/Fry Broadcast Group, Inc.
1984-Fox Radio Inc.
1985-Capitol Broadcasting Co.
1988-Christian Radio Communications, Inc.
1992-Walker Broadcasting
1993-Brevard Broadcasting, Inc. ($90,000)
1993-Walker Info & Ed Institute Inc.
1998-Carl Marcocci
2005-Bible Broadcasting Network ($250,000)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WKKO-1951-Block Programming
WJZX-1984-Urban  "Fox 86"
WJZX-1985-Adult Contemporary 
WCKS-1986-Top 40  ''Brevard's No. 1 Hit Music Station'' 
WCKS-1986-'50s and '60s
WCKS-1987-Top 40
WWKO-1989-Urban Contemporary "KO 860 Knockin' Out The Hits" 
WRFB-1993-News/Talk   "Radio For Brevard"   
WRFB-2000-Silent (4-4-2000)
WRFB-2004-License Cancelled  (2-1-2004)

WRFB-AM History

WRFB-AM began life as WKKO-AM. In a move that runs at odds with national trends, WRFB recently dumped its all-talk programming and picked up a nostalgia format. 'Golden 860,'' as it's known, doesn't play Glenn Miller, but it does play Henry Mancini. It won't play cuts from the '30s and '40s, but it will play recent remakes such as Linda Ronstadt's recording of the old standards with Nelson Riddle. The station, owned by Brevard Broadcasting Inc., is airing commercial announcements only every 15 minutes. Station manager Will Standley said he has been encouraged by the number of people who found the station even before it was being promoted. 'It's a niche that's maybe too small for large FM stations,'' Standley said. ''And we received just an incredible number of phone calls in support of it.''

Names In WRFB History

Jay Waggoner-1987-Engineer-Capitol Broadcasting Co.  In Memory

Keith Walker-1993-Brevard Broadcasting, Inc. 

Carl Marcocci-1998-WGUL FM Inc  In Memory

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