Original Call Letters: WMOP 

Originally Licensed: Dec. 18, 1953 

Original City of License: Ocala 

Original Frequency: 900

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,000 Watts Daytime 

Original Location: 311 Robertson Building 

Original Format: Gospel, Country and Ethnic music

Translator: 100.1 FM W261BA (Ocala)

Network Affiliation(s):

Southeastern Key
NBC Sports Network


1953-A. B. "Ben" Letson
1963-WMOP, Inc. 
1993-WMOP Broadcasting, Inc.
1997-Florida Sportstalk, Inc. ($350,000)
2013-Florida Sportstalk, LLC.
2020-Hitmaker Music Group   ($260.000)
2022-Urban One Broadcasting Network  ($225,000)

History of Call Letters and Formats:

WMOP-1953-Gospel, Country and Ethnic music "Brightest Sound Around"
WMOP-1954-Variety  "Dixie's Dandiest"
WMOP-1954-Country "All America Country"   "Central Florida’s Country Legend"
WMOP-1996-Sports Talk  "ESPN Sportsradio AM 900"
WMOP-2013-Sports Talk   "NBC Sports Radio" "The Goat"  (Gainesville Ocala All Talk)


courtesy of Larry Flegle

courtesy of Mark Tillery

SOLD: WMOP and WGGG       8-31-20
WMOP-AM 900 and WGGG-AM 1230/92.1 FM have been sold by Florida Sportstalk, LLC to Hitmaker Music Group. LLC. The deal includes a time brokerage agreement prior to closing. The sale price is $260.000.

The GOAT Is Closed       3-28-21
According to their website, WGGG-AM 1230/WMOP-AM 900/FM 92.1 "Florida SportsTalk and The GOAT FM are closed." The new format has yet to be announced by the new owners, Hitmaker Music Group. LLC. 

New Buyer For WMOP/WGGG     5-9-22   
Hitmaker Music Group, has sold WMOP-AM 900 and WGGG-AM 1230 as well as translator W221DX at 92.1 FM. Gainesville.  Urban One Broadcasting Network is paying  $225,000 for the facilities.

SOLD: WMOP and WGGG       8-31-20
WMOP-AM 900 and WGGG-AM 1230/92.1 FM have been sold by Florida Sportstalk, LLC to Hitmaker Music Group. LLC. The deal includes a time brokerage agreement prior to closing. The sale price is $260.000.

New Owners For WMOP       9-15-22
Hitmaker Music Group has sold WMOP-AM 900 and WGGG-AM 1230/92.1 FM to Urban One Broadcasting Network for $225,000. We reported back in 2020, Florida Sportstalk, LLC
sold the stations to Hitmaker Music Group. LLC. Inside Radio reported the sale was reversed based on allegations that Hitmaker engaged in racial discrimination. The new format for WGGG-AM 1230/92.1FM is Hip Hop/R&B/Blues/Throwbacks. WMOP is still silent.

WMOP Personalities
Art Creamer-1955-Program Director-Ben Letson Ownership
Ed Sherer-1955-News Director/1956-News Director/Farm Director-Ben Letson Ownership
Ward Goodrich-1955-Sports Director-Ben Letson Ownership
Helen Kirsh-1955-Women's Director-Ben Letson Ownership
Gene Turner-1956-Program Director/1962-Farm Director/Chief Engineer-Ben Letson Ownership   
A.E. Turner-1959-Program Director-Ben Letson Ownership
Shirley Cowden-1959-Women's Director-Ben Letson Ownership
Al Lee-1960-News Director-Ben Letson Ownership/1968-News Director-WMOP, Inc. In Memory
Helen Helvenston-1960-Program Director-Ben Letson Ownership
Bill Mansfield-1964-News Director-WMOP, Inc.
Stan White-1964-Promotion Manager/1966-Program Director-WMOP, Inc.     
Al Roberts-1968-1976-WMOP, Inc.
Mark Clark-1972-Music Director-WMOP, Inc.
Wesley Unold-1973-Program Director-WMOP, Inc.  In Memory
MJ Lucas-1986-1996-"Started out doing the Sunday show, then weekends, then the Afternoon show and then ended up on the Morning show..."
Tim McCoy-1991-"Souvenirs of Yesterday"-Sundays at 12:05PM

Jay Mariotti-2013
-Genesis Communications  

Chip Morris-2017-Sports Talk, LLC

Adam Reardon-Sports Talk, LLC

Brady Ackerman-Sports
Jack Cowden-"Sunshine Dateline"-Daily-Noon-News
(In 1962, Jack and his brother-in-law Ricou Browning wrote a story about a boy and his relationship with a dolphin. Later that story was developed into a heart-warming movie by the summer of 1963. The movie was called "Flipper", and it would be converted into a popular television series.)

Buddy Martin
Diane Dudley
Lee Ronan
Glen Gallivan
Ed Smith-News director

Larry Vettel-"Sports Scene"
David M. Lopez-Baseball talk show
Rev. Harold Damon-Gospel program-6AM Sundays

Kathryn Adkins

Heath Cline

Joe Hallett

Reggie Black, Jr.

The Lobsta
Photos courtesy of Tony Downes

Other Names In WMOP History
A.B. "Ben" Letson-1953-1963-President/General Manager
James "Country Jim" Kirk-1953-Program Director/Assistant Manager/1955-Sales Manager/1956-General Manager-Ben Letson Ownership/1960-1993-President/General Manager/1966-General Manager/Commercial Manager/1978-President-WMOP, Inc.   In Memory
E. Vernon Arnette-1955-Commercial Manager/Promotions Manager/1962-Asssistant Manager/Commercial Manager-Ben Letson Ownership/1964-Vice President/Station  Manager-WMOP, Inc.   In Memory
Lloyd Lutz-1955-Chief Engineer-Ben Letson Ownership
Jack Cowden, Jr.-1959-Promotions Manager-Ben Letson Ownership
Helen Halverston-1960-Program Director-A.B. "Ben" Letson Ownership/1968-Operations Manager-WMOP, Inc.
Harry Dickinson-1964-Chief Engineer-WMOP, Inc.
Bill Pack-1966-Chief Engineer-WMOP, Inc.
Carol Carpenter-1972-Commercial Manager-WMOP, Inc.
Terry Reaves-1972-Chief Engineer-WMOP, Inc.
Tom Catalano-1978-General Manager-WMOP, Inc.
Betty Gray-1978-Promotions Manager-WMOP, Inc.
Joan Becker-1982-1996-Sales-WMOP, Inc.
Richard Andrews, Jr.1993-President/Owner-WMOP Broadcasting, Inc
M.J. Lucas-Program Director-WMOP Broadcasting, Inc

Don DePew, Jr.-2011-Co-owner/Operations Manager
-Florida Sportstalk

William Johnson (“Johnnie Boogie Love”)-2022-Owner/Manager-Urban One Broadcasting Network, LLC.
Gordon Smith-General Manager-Florida Sportstalk
Augie Greiner-General Sales Manager-Florida Sportstalk
Jeff Frances-Operations Manager/Program Director-Florida Sportstalk
Bill Boyer-Chief Engineer-Florida Sportstalk
Tom Catalano-General Manager
Rick Sprinkles-Music Director
Charles Goston
Craig Baggs-Sales Manager/Program Director   
Capps Sutherland-Operations Manager





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