WPRK-FM 91.5 
Winter Park 

Original Call Letters: WPRK 

Originally Licensed: Dec. 8, 1952  

Original City of License: Winter Park 

Original Frequency: 88.1 

Origin of Call Letters: Location; Winter PaRK 

Original Power: 10 watts 

Original Location: Rollins College

Original Format: Classical Music

Network Affiliation(s):


1952-Rollins College

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WPRK-2017-Silent Due to damage from Hurricane Irma
WPRK-2018-Returned to the air 8-15-18

WPRK History
1952-President-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower was one of the first voices heard on WPRK when the station began broadcasting Dec. 8, 1952. In a dedication speech he recorded for the opening, Eisenhower, a former college president who supported campus radio, said the new station "can help to speed and advance the great ideas that keep great men and women free." Its original programming included works from conservatory students, recorded recitals, announcement of student chores, student debates and religious services from Knowles Memorial Chapel. In 1954, power was upgraded to a 250-watt transmitter and a new antenna was erected on the old Mills Library. 

WPRK Gets New GM         5-22-14    
WPRK-FM 91.5 has a new General Manager. His name is Greg Golden. Greg took the post back in February and has also been named as the Interim General Manager of Student Media at Rollins College. 

WPRK Returns      8-19-18
Rollins College station WPRK-FM 91.5 has returned to the air. Their tower was damaged by Hurricane Irma back in September of 2017. After WPRK found a new place for the antenna, a pair of nesting bald eagles made it their home. 

Names in WPRK History

Ben Aycrigg-1954-Program Director-Rollins College 
In Memory

Dennis Moore-1976-1978-Rollins College-From Rick Xu "Dennis was a midday classical DJ at WPRK (and part-time news guy at WDBO-AM 580. Later he went to WMFE-FM 90.7, and now he's the PD at a classical station in Chicago. Back in those days the WPRK control room was in the basement of the Mills Memorial Library. 1300 watts ERP from an antenna on the library roof."

John Gordon Fraser-1978-1982-Station Manager-Rollins College  In Memory

Susan Cohn Lackman-1982-2000-Faculty Adviser-Rollins College

Drew Garabo
-1990-1993-Rollins College   Biography
Gen Vincent-1984-1988-Rollins College                                
Lisa Blanning-1993-Music Director-Rollins College

Peter Rocchio-1999-Rollins College

Dale Grebey-2001-2007-Rollins College

Dan Seeger-2001-General Manager-Rollins College
Amanda Colbenson-2000-Station Director-Rollins College
Michael Donaldson-1992-1996-Rollins College
Tony Maus-2005-"Phantom Third Channel"-Rollins College

-2005-"DJ Mo Radio"-Fri-7PM-9PM-Rollins College
Greg Golden-2014-General Manager/Interim General Manager of Student Media-Rollins College

Nick Carioti-2014-"The Nick Carioti Show"-Sunday-6AM to 8AM-Rollins College

Marcus P. Frutchey-Station Manager-Rollins College

Dave Plotkin-Rollins College

Nellie Lackman-Station Manager-Rollins College

Dr. Jack Critchfield-President-Rollins College

Jerrid Kalakay-General Manager-Rollins College

Kristen Stone-Station Manager-Rollins College

Matt Tonner-Program Director-Rollins College

Tobin Antpusat-Host-"Comes Alive!"-Rollins College

Ariel Bui-Public Relations/Promotions-Rollins College

Stephanie Ellenburg-Public Relations/Promotions-Rollins College

Victoria Casamer-Artist Relations-Rollins College

Kyle Menard-Business/Underwriting-Rollins College

Disney Bolin-PSA Director/Traffic/Continuity-Rollins College

Russell Harrison-Music Director-Rollins College

Steve Head-Assistant to the Music Director-Rollins College

Chaz Moore-Production Director-Rollins College

Mitch Williams-"Sports Rap"-Sundays-7:30PM-Rollins College
Leah Puzzo-Thursdays-10AM-Noon-Alternative and experimental music-Rollins College  
Casey Korge-Assistant Station Manager/"Indie Music"-Tues-5PM-7PM-Rollins College
DJ Justice-Tue-Noon-1PM-Rollins College
BJ Neller-Fri 3PM-5PM-New music-Rollins College
Claudine Tomlinson-Burney-Graduate Assistant-Rollins College
Adam Rynczak-Webmaster-Rollins College
Todd Goings-Personnel Director-Rollins College
Angela Stobaugh-Personnel Director/Asst. Program Director-Rollins College
Rob Soviero-Promotions Director-Rollins College
Chase Jennings-Production Director-Rollins College
Taylor Clark-Station Manager-Rollins College
Ray Al-malt-Program Director-Rollins College
Scott Cohen-Public Relations-Rollins College
Amanda Roche-Business Director-Rollins College
Carly Johnson-Underwriting/PSA Director-Rollins College
Roxanne Bates-Music Director

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