Original Call Letters: WLOF

Originally Licensed: Oct 26, 1940  

Original City of License: Orlando  

Original Frequency: 950

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,200 watts

Original Location: 3701 John Young Parkway

Original Format: Children

Network Affiliation(s):


1940-Hazelwood Broadcasting
1953-Joseph L. Brechner
1964-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp. ($525,000) 
1971-Home Security Life Insurance ($2.5 Million)
1977-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.
1982-Nationwide Communications  (Purchase price for WLOF and WBJW-FM 105.1 $6.5 million)
1983-New City Communications

1991-ABC, Inc. ($5 Million)
1997-Cox Broadcasting
1998-Thomas Harvey Moffit, Sr.
1998-TM2, Inc
2006-Salem Communications

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WLOF-1940-Block Programming On 1230 kHz
WLOF-1972-Top 40
WCOT-1982-Adult Standards "We Cater Orlando's Taste" 1
WBJW-1984-Simulcast of WBJW FM 105.1  
WOMX-1989-Simulcast of WOMX FM 105.1
WZKD-1994-Children  "Radio Aahs" 3
WZKD-1996-Adult Contemporary
WTLN-1998-Religion (simulcast of WTLN-FM

History of WZKD

Children's Satellite Network, which launched in 1993, originating in Minneapolis in 1990.  Radio Aahs came to Orlando in 1994. Radio AAHS (It sounds like "Oz," but actually it's shortened from "oohs and aahs") is aimed at kids ages 4 to 12. The deejays are adults, but to draw more kid appeal, the show has an 11-year-old "vice president of fun," Jimmy Freeman. He co-hosts the afternoon segment, along with two teen-age girls who serve as news and entertainment editors. When NewCity goes on the air in Orlando as Radio Aahs' newest affiliate, it will do so in a renovated building on John Young Parkway designed to be as much an attraction as a radio station. There will be tours to show kids how radio shows are produced. Next month, the company expects to hold auditions for an "AirForce" of about 10 young people to host locally produced programming. The station will have its own morning show as well as some weekend shows. Many radio listeners have

"Radio Aahs" From Radio Ink Magazine 
                                                      ABC/Disney Pays “Radio Aahs” Successor $12.4 Million
Shares of Intelefilm Corp., formerly known Radio Aahs, jumped more than 20 percent after the company announced it received a payment of $12.4 million from ABC Radio Networks Inc. and the Walt Disney Corp.
The payment settled a dispute between Radio Aahs, a children's radio network and ABC/Disney that dates back to 1996. Radio Aahs had contracted with Disney to further develop the children's radio idea, but Disney terminated the contract and started its own radio network for children.
In May 2002 a jury awarded Radio Aahs $9.5 million as payment for the contract breach, to which was added $2.6 million in interest. Minneapolis-based Radio Aahs changed its name to Intelefilm and now supplies products and services to digitize and manipulate video and audio files.

With the launch of Radio Disney, "Radio Aahs" closed. Even though Time-Warner purchased the Minnesota based Children’s Broadcasting Corporation they just could not compete. They briefly renamed the network The AAHS World Radio, the network discontinued programming in January 1998. 

Names In WZKD History

Jammin' JoJo
-Co-host-"The All American Alarm Clock Show"-1994-6AM-10AM, Monday-Friday-New City Communications
Note: JoJo was known to WORL AM 1270 listeners as "JoJo Dancer"

Mighty Matt (Matt Gomez)-1994-Co-host-"The All American Alarm Clock Show"-6AM-10AM, Monday-Friday-New City Communications Biography

Jungle John/Marty Monkey (John Simpson)-1994-Production Director-New City Communications

Bob Poe-General Manager-1994-New City Communications
Sandy Bengston-Promotion/Marketing Director-1994-New City Communications
Janet Catinna-1996-Station Manager-New City Communications   
Scott Stover-1996-Program Director-New City Communications  Biography
Tom Bohannon-1996-Chief Engineer-New City Communications
Kyle Hart-1997-Program Director-Cox Broadcasting

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Cover of Radio Aahs Magazine 1996

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