WPCV-FM 97.5 
Winter Haven

Original Call Letters: WINT 

Originally Licensed: Feb. 7, 1963  

Original City of License: Winter Haven  

Original Frequency: 97.5

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: Polk County's Voice

Original Power: 12,000 watts

Original Location: 100 Cypress Gardens Blvd., Winter Haven

Original Format: Country  

Network Affiliation(s):


1963-Angelo Fazzari and Bruce Parker
1965-Bruce Parker
1970-Recreation Broadcasting Of Central Florida 
1973-Joe Garagiola ($225,000)
1977-WONN Inc.
1981-Hall Communications

History of Call Letters and Formats:

WINT-1963-(Simulcast of WINT-AM 1360)
WPCV-1973-Country  "Polk County’s Voice"   "Your Hometown Country Station"

History Of WPCV
WPCV was put on the air in 1963 by Angelo Fazzari and Bruce Parker as WINT-FM 97.5 the sister station to their WINT-AM 1360. In 1973, Recreation Broadcasting sold WHFL-FM 97.5 for $225,000 to NBC Sports personality Joe Garagiola who had recently purchased WONN-AM 1230 in Lakeland. In 1976, WPCV as well as WONN were sold by Garagiola. WPCV-FM also outgrew its original slogan ''Polk County's Voice''. The station was called  during the 1970s because that's where most of its listeners were. But the station later moved its transmitter and increased its power to better cover Central Florida. ''There have been several different phrases used to describe the call letters over the years,'' said Rowbothan. ''Another owner referred to it as the 'World's Powerful Country Voice' to play on the 'world' thing - at that time there was Circus World, Sea World, Disney World.

WPCV Personalities

Dave Wright (David Lee Wright)-1978
-2004-Program Director-Leonard Marks and Herbert Stewart/Hall Communications  In Memory

Dave Day-1985-1998-various air shifts/1998-Promotions Manager/2015-Midnight-5AM-Hall Communications
Joe Donelan-1987-1989-Hall Communications

Tom O'Brien-1995-2014-5AM-10AM-"The 97 Country Breakfast Cub"-Hall Communications

Roger Todd-2005-2020-5AM-10AM-"The 97 Country Breakfast Cub"-Hall Communications


Melissa Moran-2008
-2017-5AM-10AM-"The 97 Country Breakfast Cub"/2023-Middays -Hall Communications

Nic Allen-2015-Weekends-Hall Communications

DJ The Trucker (Dale Roberts)-2011-2017-5AM-10AM-"The 97 Country Breakfast Club with Roger, Tom and Melissa"/
DJ Thee trucker, Roger, Julie and Dj/"Julie and DJ in the Morning"-Hall Communications

Julie K (Julie Kansy)-2017-Morning co-host
-"Julie and DJ in the Morning"-Hall Communications

Jon Dennis
-2020-2022-Nights/Morning Show Producer-Hall Communications

Chris Rhoden-2023-
co-host/Producer-"Julie and DJ in the Morning"-Hall Communications

Sheila Nardone (Sheila Hunter)-News Anchor

Grant Starr-7PM-Midnight-Hall Communications

Doug Rockwell-Hall Communications 
Joe T  (Joe Trevette)-Hall Communications
John Henderson-Mid-days-Hall Communications
Bob Helmick-Program Director-Hall Communications

Jenny Taylor-Weekdays-10AM-3PM-Hall Communications

Sara Michaels-3PM-7PM-Hall Communications

Chris Kelly-7PM-Midnight-Hall Communications

Johnny Cotterill-Saturdays-Hall Communications

Daniel-Saturdays-Hall Communications

Eric Clark-Hall Communications

Chris Wolfe-Weekdays-7PM-Midnight-Hall Communications

Bob Page-Weekends-Hall Communications

Jesse James-Overnights-Hall Communications

Mike James-Operations Manager/Program Director-Hall Communications

Ricky Reynolds-Weekends-Hall Communications

Kevin Baldinger
-Hall Communications
Lionel Cartwright-Hall Communications   Courtesy of Drew Durigan
Tom Blair
Lynn Scott

Other Names in WPCV History

Joe Garagiola-1973-1976-Owner   
In Memory
Herb Stewart-1978-President-WONN Inc.
Steve Marks-1978-Vice President-WONN Inc.
Art Rowbotham-Vice President/General Manager-Hall Communications
Chris Harwell-Operations Manager

Frank Berry
In Memory
Hal Paul-Sales
Sal Porta-Sales
Garland Burt-Station Manager
E.C. "Pat'' Morgan


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