WMMA-AM 990                         

Original call Letters: WHOO

Originally Licensed: Dec. 5, 1947

Original City of License: Orlando  

Original Frequency: 990

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan; MAgic

Original Power: 50,000 Day/14,000 Night

Original Location: 

Original Format: Adult Contemporary

Network Affiliation(s):

Satellite Music Network
Motor Racing Network


1947-Orlando Daily Newspapers, Inc. 

1949-Radio Station WHOO 

1950-Orlando Daily Newspapers 
1951-Edward Lamb

1952-WHOO, Inc
1957-Ted Estabrook Associates ($250,000)

1957-WHOO Radio, Inc. (Horton-Kincaid)
1958-Bluegrass Broadcasting

1978-WHOO Radio, Inc. (Bluegrass Broadcasting)
1987-TK Communications ($13.5 million)
1994-Granum Communications ($11.5 million)
1997-Cox Broadcasting
2001-American Broadcasting Co. ($5 million)
2003-Radio Disney Group (subsidiary of ABC)
2014-Pennsylvania Media Associates, Inc. ($1.3 million) (Salem Communications)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WHOO-1947-Pop   Broadcasting from the Fort Gatlin Hotel 
WHOO-1968-Country  "Country Gentlemen"
WMMA-1987-Adult Contemporary "Magic 99"
WHTQ-1988-Rock (simulcast of WHTQ 96.5 FM)
WHOO-1988-Big Bands/Adult Standards  (Music Of Your Life)
WHOO-1989-Classic Country
WHOO-1991-Rock (simulcast of WHTQ 96.5 FM)
WHOO-1993-Adult Standards (ABC Radio "Stardust" format)
WDYZ- 2001-Radio Disney-Children  
WDYZ-2015-Silent/Licensed  (Mar 18, 2015)
WDYZ-2015-Spanish Contemporary Christian (Apr 9, 2015)
The Orlando Sentinel, Feb 5, 1987
At WMMA-AM (990), the Orlando radio station that calls itself "Magic 99", disc jockeys disappeared like magic from the, airwaves Wednesday. At 10AM, the station switched to syndicated "Solid Gold" music programming distributed by the Satellite Music Network from Dallas. The music heard on the station changed little. But the move affected the WMMA announcers previously heard between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m., including Dave Edwards, Rick Saylor, and Rick Bavic. Edwards has moved to the 7PM to midnight shift on WMMA's sister station, country outlet WHOO-FM (96.5), where he has replaced Linda Harris. Saylor and Bavic will remain with the station in off-air jobs, said Jim Jordan, general manager of WMMA and WHOO. Perry Moore, the longtime WDBO morning man who signed on with WMMA in November 1985, remains on Magic 99 wake-up shift.

WMMA Personalities 

Perry Moore
1985-1987-Bluegrass Broadcasting 
Biography     In Memory

Joe Finger-1985-News-WHOO Radio, Inc.

Frank Vaught doing sports on WMMA in July of 1986-Bluegrass Broadcasting    In Memory
Photo courtesy of Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards   Biography

Rick Saylor

Cecil West
Rick Bavic
Monica Snyder

Other Names In WMMA History
Jim Jordan-General Manager
Mike Kinosian-Program Director
Jim Ballard-Program Director 
Stan Lee-Intern   Biography
Bob Carothers-Chief Engineer

Other Programs In WMMA History
Florida Gator Football  
Florida Gator Basketball



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