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Labor Day weekend 1989. Dave Adams arrives in Orlando from North Carolina as an out of work announcer. 
Alan Baxter
and Mark Samansky were doing an all request weekend at WDIZ-FM 100.3. Dave had a request so he called and talked with them and they gave him an impromptu audition on the spot. Baxter and Mark had him intro the song he requested as if he worked at DIZ.  Dave said; "...I knew the station well enough to do the on air logo and the slug line at the time which was something like "Rock 100 .WDIZ, Orlando's rock and roll radio station..." Over  the next few months Dave befriended Alan and Mark and they passed along his tape on to Rad Messick, who was PD at that time. Dave was about to interview with Rad when Messick was replaced as PD in January of 1990. His successor was Neal Mirsky, who had history with the station. Neal was looking to fill the 7PM to midnight. Neal's plan was to hire someone who could be a "character" he (Neal) created.  Neal wanted an all attitude jock that was going to be named Hank Bonecutter. The job went to a personality known as "Russell the Love Muscle", whose name is Brian Sykes.  Brian came by way of Tampa's WYNF and
"The Power Pig",  WFLZ. Dave was hired as a part-timer and since there was already a "Dave" (Dave Lee) on the air,  Dave Adams became Jimmy Beck, from May of 1990 until July of 1993. It was a name Neal Mirsky came up with. During Dave's 3+ years at WDIZ he did everything, from filling in for Lee Randall, Lisa Kendall, Ron Louis doing overnights and even sitting in for Hank Bonecutter. In the middle of 1992, Baxter and Mark were terminated and The Ron and Ron show was picked up and was simulcast from Tampa's WYNF. It was in April of 1993, just after a very successful "Live Gig" in Daytona, that Ron (Diaz) and Ron (Bennington) went on "vacation" and refused to return to the air until they had renegotiated their contract.  The result--WYNF let them go after a couple weeks and WDIZ brought back Slats to do mornings before rehiring Mark Samansky (of Baxter and Mark) to "fly solo" in morning drive. Dave notes Slats is in Cleveland at WMMS "The Buzzard" and Mark Samansky is in Denver, Colorado doing news. Dave Lee was on the air from 7PM to midnight after Hank Bonecutter left.  After Dave Lee, former WHTQ personality Mike "The Snake" Young took the 7Pm to Midnight shift. Incidentally, Mike and Dave both started in North Carolina at a station in Newport Beach-WZYC, under PD J.T. Stevens.  J.T. actually fired Mike Young (whose air name there was Michael Reeves) from WZYC to hire Dave and they "...played tag through the years from station to station..." until they worked together, this time at WDIZ. (Mike is now in San Diego as just Max. Prior to that, he was doing mornings in Texas, where he was Woody Maxwell. He also used that air name at WSFL in New Bern, North Carolina then he was Mike Guererra at the old WSHE in Miami, then "Snake" at WHTQ, then Mike Young at WDIZ which evolved to Mike "Snake" Young.  (Dave says; "This guy changed radio names like I change my socks.")
After leaving WDIZ, Dave was out of radio for seven months.  A call comes from Cary Pall, the PD at WMMO-FM 98.9. Dave shows up at the SunTrust Tower in downtown Orlando, where the studios were located, only to be told "...Cary had just left...it was his last day, no longer with the station..." Dave wound up in the "stable" of announcers, thanks to his good friend 
Brian Scott
who was doing overnights. Brian had been on the air at WMMO since the station's sign on in August of 1990. In 1994 Granum Communications, which owned WMMO, acquired WHTQ-FM 96.5 from TK Communications. Dave moved over to WHTQ from WMMO.  The WHTQ air staff included; Bob Rose (aka Bob "Daddy" Rose), Bruce Cherry, David "Rat boy" Brinn, and Chris Rhoads.  In December, 1994, WHTQ began airing the John Boy and Billy Show in morning drive.  Bruce Cherry was on in the middays and Bob Rose was doing afternoons. Eventually Bruce went to evenings, Bob went to middays, Chris moved  to afternoons and Ron Andrews did over nights. Bob Rose left middays to become the promotions and marketing director. Bob was in the early stages of developing a talk show on WDBO-AM 580.  Meanwhile, WHTQ management moved Chris Rhoads to middays, and Mark Samansky was on in the afternoon. Bruce Cherry left WHTQ in 1996 to become Program Director at  WGNE-FM 98.1 in Daytona. After spending 18 months of doing "utility" work (covering everyone else's shifts) Dave headed to Daytona. In September of 1996 Dave helped Frank Scott and Gary Meade sign on WHOG-FM 95.7 "The Hog".  Dave became WHOG-FM 95.7's first afternoon drive host as well as production director. Previously, the station known as WTSN-FM 95.7  "The Sun", had been automated. After a year at WHOG, (in November of 1997) Dave returned  to WHTQ as a member of the engineering staff, but he inevitably wound up back on the air in February of 1998.  Dave's been there ever since. Meanwhile, in 1999, Dave began doing morning and afternoon drive time airborne traffic reports for WDBO-AM 580.  With the exception of nine months, Dave has done those reports full time for WDBO.  

2005-Dave is now the Senior Talent Agent at Lustig Talent Enterprises
2010-Dave started Diablo Canyon Entertainment Group LLC. 

Iron Dave Adams Passes     9-24-13
It's with sadness that I report the death of Iron Dave Adams (Dave Mather). Dave was a fixture in Central Florida. More details as they become available. Our condolences go out to all of his family and friends.
   In Memory

More On Iron Dave     9-27-13
From a post on Facebook from Joe Ferraro
FYI: Iron Dave's dad said they are having just private service for the family. They will have Iron Dave Adams cremated and shipped to Alabama. There is a memorial service to honor Dave for his friends and colleagues being planned now and I will let all know once there is more information.

From a post on Facebook from Kevin Hanley 
Please join us as we gather together to Honor our Dear Friend and Patriot Brother, IRON DAVE ADAMS. He is surely resting in the arms of the angels ♥ 
"Iron Dave's" Celebration of Life Event Sunday, December 8 at 12:00pm at The Abbey in Orlando.

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