WNDB-AM 1150 
Daytona Beach

Original Call Letters: WNDB

Originally Licensed: Mar 1947 

Original City of  License: Daytona Beach

Original Frequency: 1150

Origin of Call Letters: Location; News Daytona Beach 

Original Power: 1,000 watts 

Translator: 2014-W228CT, 93.5 Daytona Beach

Original Location: Studio: 128 Orange Ave.  Transmitter: Holly Hill

Original Format: MOR/Classical 14 hours weekly

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press
ABC Information
Motor Racing Network
Talk Radio Network


1947-News Journal Corp. 
1972-Quality Broadcasting, Inc. (co-owned with WDNJ-FM 94.5, Daytona Beach)
1977-Broadcast Management Corp.
1982-Root Communications
1996-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
2011-Southern Stone Communications, LLC
2012-Black Crow Radio, LLC   (Debtor-in-possession)
2012-Southern Stone Communications, LLC
2012-Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WNDB-1948-MOR/Classical 14 hours weekly
WNDB-1985-News/Talk   "Daytona's Morning News Station"

94.5_WNDB_News-Journal_Ad_1981.jpg (169753 bytes)

1981 Ad from the Daytona Beach News Journal

click photo for full sized view

WNDB Personalities

Ken Lueck-1955-Mornings-"Mayhem In The Ayem"-News Journal Corp.   In Memory 

Ray LaPrise-1957-News-News-News Journal Corp. 
Cecil Brown-1957-News-News Journal Corp. 
Phil Burton-7PM-9PM-"Symphony Hall"-News Journal Corp./Quality Broadcasting, Inc.
John Ferree-1972-Program Director/6AM-10AM-Quality Broadcasting, Inc.
Paul Dunne-1972-2PM-6PM-Quality Broadcasting, Inc
Monya Windsor Gilbert-7PM-9PM-"Symphony Hall"-Quality Broadcasting, Inc.

Victor M. Knight-1972-President/“Seven Decades of Sound” Music Shop-Quality Broadcasting, Inc.
William "Bill" Dzurilla-1972-Midnight-6AM-Quality Broadcasting, Inc.
In an email from Bill; "In November 1972, while I was a student at Daytona Beach Community College, I was hired to do the midnight-6am shift at WNDB AM and WDNJ FM (94.5) in Daytona Beach.  This was very shortly after the stations were purchased from the Daytona Beach News-Journal newspaper by Vic Knight’s Quality Broadcasting, headquartered in Delray Beach.  The studios remained in the News-Journal building on 6th Street in Holly Hill.  Big changes were in the air, and not all listeners liked them.  The format remained MOR, but the new management had decided on a more modern approach, and long-time air personalities such as Ken Lueck had been let go.  The new WNDB lineup was John Ferree, the WNDB program director, 6-10am, who transferred from Delray.  Then John McFadden was on from 10am-2pm, he had worked for the prior owners.  For the afternoon drive, 2-6pm, it was Paul Dunne, another Delray transfer.  Paul was program director of WDNJ-FM (94.5), which was automated on a beautiful music format.  After Paul there was an hour of CBS News (the station switched to CBS from ABC Information shortly after the Quality takeover).  Then from 7-9pm was a simulcast of "Symphony Hall", a classical music program held over from prior management.  The initial host when I arrived was Phil Burton but he left quickly and was replaced by Monya Windsor Gilbert.  After "Symphony Hall"  we ran a taped program, Vic Knight’s “Seven Decades of Sound” Music Shop, the owner’s personal creative effort.
Gary Mandino-1973-1975-Nights/1977-1980-Middays-Quality Broadcasting, Inc. 
Vance Tyler-1975-Overnights-Quality Broadcasting, Inc./2003-Mornings-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.  In Memory

Jim "Biff" Burns
-1975-1976-Newscaster, sports reporter and street reporter-Quality Broadcasting, Inc./1982-News reporter and fill-in anchor-Root Communications   Biography
Rick Stone-1976-Quality Broadcasting, Inc.

Jason Scott (Rick Brady)-1978-Overnights-Broadcast Management Corp.  Biography

Dave Laing-1978-Broadcast Management Corp./Root Communications/Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc./Southern Stone Communications  Biography

KP Manning
-1980-1982-6PM-Midnight/Traffic reporter-Broadcast Management Corp. Biography   In Memory 

Harry Cup
1983-7PM-11PM-Syndicated by the Florida Radio Network-Root Communications Biography    In Memory
Dave Rhodes-1987-1996-co host with Dave Laing on "AM Daytona"-Root Communications 
Kelly McCarthy-1991-2003-Kelly began at WNDB in June, 1991as an intern.  She was the call screener for "The Marc Bernier Program". Kelly became the Executive Producer of Marc's show and held that position  for 3 years.  Kelly also moved to the business office as the  Traffic Director.  Later, she was given the opportunity to work with Dave Laing on "A.M. Daytona" in 1994. Her position with the morning show lasted just over a year before she was asked to return to the business office.  When the station was sold to Black Crow Broadcasting in 1996, the new owners decided to put Dave & Kelly back together again as a morning team. Kelly left WNDB to stay home with their new baby in 2003.-Root Communications

Marc Bernier-1991-Marc also hosts " Weekend Around The House" Saturday mornings, "Book Marc" and "The Marc Bernier Restaurant Show"-Root Communications/Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc./Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC Biography

Clive Thomas
on the Marc Bernier Show on WNDB/WNDA in 2003

Debra Hall-1994-Host of "Hall Pass" a talk show for teen girls-Root Communications 

George Bovenizer-1994-1996-Sports-Root Communications

Peter King-1994-Morning News Anchor/Reporter-Root Communications  Biography 

Mark Williams-1994-News Director-Root Communications/Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.  Biography
3-27-09-Mark became another statistic of the economic crisis. Black Crow Media let Mark go after eight years as News Director for the Daytona Beach cluster. 

Michael Roberts-1995-2000-Producer, News and Sales-Root Communications/Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.   

Rory O'Neill-1996-1999-News-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.  

Mike Scudiero-1996-2001-Producer of "The Marc Bernier Show"/2001-2002-News Director, Sports Director for parent Black Crow Broadcasting 
Chad Goodman-1999-2000-News-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.  
Dave Brannen-1999-2001-News-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.  

Greg Blose-2001-2004-Producer of the "Marc Bernier Show"/2005-"The Bottom Line" /2011-2013-Mornings-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.  Biography

Terry Sabiston-2001-Sales/2003-Sports-
Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc./Southern Stone Communications

Carl Bernier-2002-Original co-host of "Weekend Around The House"-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc 

Shannon Pearce-2003-2004-co-host of the morning show with Dave Laing-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.

Phil Kincaid-2003-20014/2015-(aka "Dr. Phil")-Producer of "The Marc Bernier Show" -Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc. 

Rozzie Franco-2006-2007-News-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc. Biography 

Doug Kosarek-2007-2009-New morning host of "Wake Up Daytona". Doug had been senior vice president of Ocean Waters Management, the area's largest lodging operator, but resigned to form Strategic Public Initiatives, a political consulting and marketing communications firm. Kosarek's company will focus on promoting Daytona Beach as well as representing companies as a lobbyist.  Just shy of the second year of the show, Black Crow ended "Wake Up Daytona". Doug would move his show to WELE-AM 1380.

Justine Manjasek-2007-Co-host of "Weekend Around The House"-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc. 
Justine left the show after 3 months 

Roland Via-2009
-2011-Mornings-"The Mayor of the Morning"/2010-"Morning Drive" co-host with Dave Laing-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.  
Nick Stevens-2010-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.

Al Smith-2010-Co-host "The Morning Drive"-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc./"Daytona's Morning News" Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC

Leslie Taylor-2011-News Director-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc./Southern Stone Communications of Florida, LLC

Adam Chappelle-2011-2012-Assistant News Director-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.

John Barrett
-2011-PM News-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc. Biography 
Robert Alonso-2012-News-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Shane Scott-2013-News-Southern Stone Communications

Michelle Shockley-2014-2015-Co-host "The Morning Drive"-Southern Stone Communications 

Frank Scott-2014-2015-"Daytona's Morning News" -Southern Stone Communications

Lisa Blythe-2015-"Daytona's Morning News" -Southern Stone Communications
John McFadden-10AM-2PM-News Journal Corp./Quality Broadcasting, Inc.

Dave Archard-Promotions Director

Bill Wathen-News Director
Gary Meade

Ray Ovington
Murray Miller
Harry Arnold
Frank Webb
Bob Smith
Harry Johnson

Bill Bowser-News Director/Sports Director/Morning News Anchor/Auto Racing Reporter

John Hofman-Mid-days

Ron Kocher-Afternoons/Music Director

Vic Knight-"Seven Decades of Sound"

Jim Warder-News Director

Bill Schumann-Street reporter 

Judy Williamson-Mid-day talk show

Preston Root-Motorsports

Stacy Reynolds-News

Lise Dixon-News

Dick Batchelor-Political analyst

Ben Taylor  In Memory

"Hap" Leatherwood-Early morning fishing reports  In Memory

Justin Gates-Co-host of "Weekend Around The House"-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.
Justin left weekend in October of 2009

Kevin Baldinger-Traffic-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc. Biography

Scott Harris-News  Biography   In Memory

Chand Worob-2013-2014-Producer of "Marc Bernier Show"
-Southern Stone Communications

Steve Tsapatsaris-Black Crow Broadcasting, Inc.


Other Names in WNDB History

Julian Davidson-1947-President-News-Journal Corp.

Jerry Stone-1947-Station Manager/Commercial Manager-News-Journal Corp.

John Cummings-1947-Sales Manager/Commercial Manager-News-Journal Corp.

Carl Benson-1947-Program Director/Production Manager-News-Journal Corp.

Lilliane Davidson-1947-Publicity Director-News-Journal Corp.

Ralph Montgomery-1947-Chief Announcer-News-Journal Corp.

Fred Moore-1947-Chief Engineer-News-Journal Corp.

Herbert M. Davidson-1947-1972-President/Publisher-News-Journal Corp.

Chester Smith-1948-Sales-News Journal Corp. 

William R. Steadman-1948-Program Director/Program Manager-News-Journal Corp.

Steve Hunter-1948-News Director-News- Journal Corp.

Bob Patillo-1948-Sports Director-News- Journal Corp.

Jean Davis-1948-Womens Director-News- Journal Corp. 

F. A. Scott-1948-Chief Engineer-News- Journal Corp.

Dick Huffman-1956-Station Manager-News Journal Corp. 
Joel Thrope-1977-President-Broadcast Management Corp.  

Chapman S. Root
-1982-President-Root Communications  In Memory

Jay Cresswell-1990-Promotions Director-Root Communications

David A. Middleton-1991-General Manager-Root Communications

Mike Moltane-1995-General Sales Manager
-Root Communications/Black Crow/Southern Stone Communications

Darla Corrales
-2015-Sales Manager-Volusia Broadcasting Company, LLC

Sr. Account Executive

Bridget Collins Bonacolta-2004-Senior Accountant-
Black Crow/Southern Stone Communications

Paul Stone-2012-President-Southern Stone Communications

Sandi Awad-2014-Events Staff-Southern Stone Communications

Jack McClure-Chief Engineer  In Memory
Mary Jo Bledsoe

R. Y Huffman-General Manager/Station Manager-News- Journal Corp.

Lyman McGrath-Commercial Manager-News- Journal Corp.

Daniel Caroll-Sales/Promotion Manager-News- Journal Corp.

M. E. Hagman-Promotions Director-News- Journal Corp.

Elizabeth Weed-Program Director-News- Journal Corp.

William H. Deem-Station Manager-News- Journal Corp.

Kenneth Hoff-Commercial Manager-News- Journal Corp.

Robert E. Smith-Operations Manager-News- Journal Corp.

Bob Loughran-News Director-News- Journal Corp.

Bill W. Martin-Chief Engineer-News- Journal Corp.

Stephen B. Searle-Chief Engineer

Wally Ranck-General Manager 

Sanoma Robertson   In Memory

Phil Angley-Operations Manager 

Jim Oddie

Stacey Knerler-Vice President/General Manger-Black Crow Media

Ken_Lueck_WNDB_AM__FM_with_DBJCs_Bob_Troup_2.jpg (87133 bytes)

Ken Lueck
(seated) of WNDB AM/FM with Daytona Beach Junior College (now Daytona State University) Communications Director Bob Troup in the campus studio circa 1960.
photo courtesy of Chuck Johnson

WNDB Morning News Show Team 2006
 L to R; Rozzie Franco-Reporter, Mark Williams-News Director and Dave Laing-Program Director

WNDB Sales Team (clockwise) Mike Moltane, Terry Sabiston,
Liz Woodford and Cathy Applegarth


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