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June Myers tell us about her radio career in Central Florida radio. "I grew up in Orlando listening to the great WLOF-AM 950 personalities and WORJ-FM 107.7 music and always wanted to do that, but never acted on it until my junior year at UCF (University of Central Florida) as an electrical engineering major. School was very hard and to bring up my GPA I took several radio-type classes, ended up on the school station, realized how much fun it was, and very soon after landing my first part time gig, left my switching systems job at United Telephone (becoming Sprint now Embarq) for radio.  I got to work with the great Russ Ross ("Uncle Russie") who helped me at WWJZ-AM 1400, worked with wonderful people at WHOO-AM 990 that took the time to teach and let me learn "hands on", like Bucks Braun, Steve KennedyChuck McKayRuby LoveRick SaylorDick SolomBob Nyles, and Bill Michaels.  Working at WHOO was quite a party....I did overnights at (WWKA-FM 92.3) "K-92FM" for 8 years and most of that time was with the same folks, Steve Holbrook and Bill Barber (both taught me so much),  Denise MichaelsGary AnstaettRon Bisson and Big Red.  It was a wonderful and professional place to work.  I'm currently in Knoxville, and, having gotten tired of the grind of trying to find radio work that pays well, went back to school and am now an x-ray and CT tech in the health care field. (I don't stray far from electromagnetic waves...just down to the other end of the spectrum.)  I miss radio in my own way, but not the corporate conglomerate its become.  That's my story, and I'm sticking' to it...


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