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Like most of us, I got my start working overnights. While utilizing the "3 year plan" at a 2 year community college in Somerville, NJ. I got lucky while visiting a fraternity brother who moved to Casper, Wyoming where a rock station had an ad in the paper for a midnight-6am on air talent. Walked in and was hired at KAWY-FM labor day of 1982. Lasted there 6 months when an ownership change waxed the staff and set up job interviews along the drive back to NJ in Lincoln, Omaha, Nebraska and Canton Ohio. Won the 7-12pm job at KEZO-FM 3/83, when after 2 years the late Lee Michaels from Burkhart/Abrams/Douglas suggested to WDIZ(-FM 100.3) PD-Rad Messick to listen to this guy in Omaha. Since it was March & spring break was in full bloom the interview needless to say was more picturesque than 10' of snow back in Omaha. So headed to the 7-12pm job at WDIZ in March of 1985. Just an outstanding place to learn & work with the likes of Baxter & Mark, Mick Dolan, Gary Mandino, Ron Lewis. Then received a phone call from consultant George Harris and Dave Gariano about moving to PM drive/music director at soon to be WHTQ(-FM 96.5) in October, 1987. Since none of us were under contract at WDIZ I took the shot and was the first jock on air. Worked with the new morning team of Tommy & Paul (Tommy Griffiths longtime morning guy at WNOR/Norfolk, Paul Castronovo mornings at WBGG/Miami) and the great Mike Lyons. A year later received a phone call from WKDF/Nashville PD Kidd Redd about moving to Music City for PM drive/music director, and after an interview that lasted thru 2 NFL games at a sports bar (the best interview ever!) landed there in October of 1988. Had an absolute blast working there with longtime am mainstay Carl P. Mayfield (now on Sirius) midday girl Shannon (Now on XM, CMT).  Won Billboard Magazine rock personality of the year in 1990. Nominated for Radio & Records rock personality of the year in 1990 & 1991. In March of 1992 decided to try mornings at WZGC/Atlanta where quite frankly I failed miserably but it was a learning experience and thankfully was fired by December, 1992, which luckily brought me back to Orlando for another stop at WDIZ for PM drive in 1993. Then I was told I was doing mornings in August of 1994. GM Tom Owens and PD Mike Beck would not let me go into the studio for my 3-7PM shift until I agreed to do mornings. Finally relieved midday jock Tim Travis that day at 4:30PM. Since I was not a great morning guy it was just a matter of time before I was let go a year later in August, 1995. Luckily then Paxson OM John Frost said a great way to serve out my 1 year non-compete was to work am drive with WFTV sports anchor Greg Warmoth on "540 the Team" (WQTM-AM 540). Then move to PM drive on WJRR when the year was up. So did that in September of 1995. Learned a ton from Greg Warmoth, 
Marc Daniels, Stunning Steve, Bethann Shaffer and Wayne Trout. Missed the rock format so left for PM drive at KISS/San Antonio in December, 1996 to be the wing man for the long successful morning team of Lisle & Hahn. Was enjoying the Tex-Mex culture then received a call from Greg Ausham who was doing an extreme makeover on WMMS/Cleveland and would I mind doing PM drive/music director, for the new Jacor property. Left in November, 1998 for the land of lake effect snow where I was nominated for rock personality of the year in 1999 & 2000. And named air personality & music director of the year- Friday Morning Quarterback 2000. Stayed at WMMS until April of 2004 when I decided to take an offer from CBS owned alternative WXTM/Cleveland for PM drive/music director. Unfortunately, I didn't do so hot. The WMMS people loved the content but hated the alternative music, and the WXTM folks loved the music but hated the content so I was screwed. Lasted there until November 2005 and took a buyout to leave. After interviewing non stop for 6 months, the jobs I wanted I didn't get, the jobs that wanted me I didn't want. We just moved back to my Longwood home in July of 2006 and started from scratch. I have an absolute blast working at the golf shop at Grand Cypress Resort. Plus write creative imaging for CBS in select markets and voice track 3-7PM, Sundays on WJRR-FM 101.1.  
If you wanna reach me, email is

From Slats' email 7-09 "Left Grand Cypress Resort after 3 fun years. Now the Assistant Golf Professional (another nice word for golf bum) at Rolling Hills Golf Club in Longwood. Still at WJRR too doing the Sunday 3-7pm v/t thing. Been there 3 years and can't believe I made it thru those riffings. It's not like I'm doing 5 jobs for the price of 1 ;-) It's a great commute, I live off of #6.

"Slats" Is On The Move     12-4-10
Tim "Slats" Guinane has left WJRR-FM 101.1 and will now be heard on WHTQ-FM 96.5, Sundays from 11AM-5PM.

Slats Is Back!    2-22-11
Tim "Slats" Guinane has been named the new mid-day guy on "96 Rock" WHTQ-FM 96.5. Tim had been doing weekends since last December. Congrats to Slats on the new fulltime gig!

Fallout At WHTQ   8-18-11
With the WDBO-AM 580 simulcast replacing the rock format of WHTQ-FM 96.5 folks have left the station. Program Director Fleetwood Gruver along with mid-day host Slats (Tim Guinane) and night guy Buckley.

 2-22-14  "Slats" (Tim Guinane)

"Just wanted to let ya know that I've been back in Cleveland since 10/11 doing mornings on WNCX(FM 98.5). Yup, with CBS again too. Re-upped last year, signed a multi-year deal so got lucky...bought a house (again) so will be here awhile..."


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