WSTF-FM 101.1
Cocoa Beach

Original Call Letters: WXBR

Originally Licensed: Jul 19, 1962

Original City of  License: Cocoa Beach

Original Frequency: 101.1 

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: STar of Florida

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Adult  Contemporary

Network Affiliation(s):


1962-Stereo Broadcasting, Corp.
1968-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
1971-Southland Broadcasting
1985-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc
1993-Paxson Broadcasting   ($6.7 Million)
1997-Clear Channel Communications, Inc
2008-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2009-Clear Channel Licenses, Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WXBR-1963-Light Classical
WCKS-1968-Top 40  "CK-101"
WCKS-1972-Beautiful Music
WCKS-1978-Top 40
WDOQ-1984-Rock  "Q-102''
WDOQ-1984-Adult Contemporary
WCFI-1984-Adult Contemporary (Transtar Satellite Service) "I-4"  
WSTF-1985-Adult  Contemporary  "Sunny 101"  "Star 101"
WVRI-1992-Adult Contemporary "Variety 101"
WVRI-1992-Adult Contemporary "Variety 101"
WJRR-2002-Alternative   "Real Rock 101"

WSTF History
On July 10, 1985 WCKS changed its call letters to WSTF and is licensed to Cocoa Beach. The station moved its offices and studios to the Maitland Center in October of 1985 as part of a format change from Top 40 to soft-rock hits. Capitol Broadcasting Co. of Raleigh, N.C., bought WSTF earlier this year for an undisclosed price.

WSTF Personalities
Stan Anderson-1985-1986--Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc   Biography    In Memory
Scott Stover-1986-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc   Biography

Frank Lasko-1986-News-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc  In Memory
Rob Early-1987-1989/1991-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc  Biography
Mike Elliot-1989-Host of "Love Songs"-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc

Jon-David Wells-1990-1992-Mornings with Dave Riley, Samantha Fox,
Pat Madden-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc
Keith Fairbanks-1990-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc  
Dave Riley-1991-1992-co-host with Rob Early and Jon-David Wells
Pat Madden-1991-1992-co-host with Rob Early
B.J. Hunter-1992-Program Director/Mornings with Colleen Colloton
Colleen Colloton-1992-Morning Co-host with B.J. Hunter

Gabe Burton  Gabe had a long stint at WSTF "Star 101"    Biography
Photo courtesy of Gabe Burton  
brian star101 91.jpg (188679 bytes)Brian Morgan (Brian Kirkland)-“Lunchtime at the Oldies”  
Photo courtesy of Gabe Burton
To see the full sized photo, click on it.
Gregg Parker
Randy Marsh

Michael W. Lowe   Biography
Kevin Cruise
Brad Coulter-Mornings
Bill Jackson 
Tony Petit
Samantha Fox

Samantha Shore (Jaime Lerner)
Tommy Roberts
Lise Dixon  

Other Names In WSTF History

Roger Stallard-1985-Sales-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc.
Toni Tucker-1985-Sales-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc.
Meg Parker-1985-Sales-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc.
Marylou Hampton-1985-Sales-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc.
Kelly Mangan-1985-Sales-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc.
Mel Clark-Sales Manager, a local personality who moved over to sales
Jim Ballard-Program Director 
Barbara Vardin-General Manager
Karen Scott 1990 Star 101 reception.jpg (17266 bytes)

Karen Scott-Sales  
Photo courtesy of Karen Scott
Don Peterson-General Manager 
Chris Ackerman-General Manager
Jane Wilson-Promotions Manager

  Photos courtesy of Jaime Lerner
click photos for full sized view

          On-Air Studio at Star 101 -1990-Jaime Lerner.jpg (55480 bytes)          
               Star 101 on air studio              

Production room at Star 101 in Orlando in 1990-Jaime Lerner.jpg (83445 bytes)
Star 101 production studio            

Star 101 in Orlando around 1990-Jaime Lerner.jpg (72763 bytes)
Star 101 "Master Control"


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