WDOQ-FM 101.9
Daytona Beach


Original Call Letters: WMFJ

Originally Licensed: Nov 1, 1967

Original City of License: Daytona Beach

Original Frequency: 101.9

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 25,000

Original Location: 750 Root Street

Original Format: Top 40

Network Affiliation(s):

RKO Radio Network
United Stations Radio Network


1967-Daytona Broadcasting Inc.

1972-Walter-Weeks Broadcasting, Inc.
1980-Patten Communications, Inc. (Co-owned with WNJY-FM 94.3 Rivera Beach-West Palm Beach)
1982-Abell Communications Corporation
1984-S & F Communications, Inc.  
1985-Duffy Broadcasting, Inc. ($7.7 million)
1987-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc. ($9.2 million)
1996-Chancellor Broadcasting Corporation  
1997-Chancellor Media Corporation
1999-AMFM Broadcasting, Inc.
2001-Clear Channel Communications Corporation
2001-Infinity Broadcasting, Incorporated
2005-CBS Radio, Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WMFJ-1967-Automated Beautiful Music (Drake-Chenault)  “Stereo 102”
WQXQ-1973-Automated AOR  (Drake-Chenault)  “Q 102”
WQXQ-1976-Automated Top 40  “Q 102”
WDOQ-1980-Top 40  “Q 102”
WCFI-1984 -Adult Contemporary (Tran-Star Satellite) “Central Florida’s I- 4 101.9 FM”
WCFI-1985-Adult Contemporary (Tran-Star Satellite)  “Sunny 102”
WORZ-1986-Classic Rock   “The Rock You Grew Up With“   “Z 102”
WJHM-1988-Urban Contemporary/Hip Hop   “Jamlando‘s 102 JAMZ”

WDOQ History 
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WDOQ.
Daytona’s 100,000 watt hot rockin’, flame throwin‘, non-stop party station, top 40 powerhouse “Q 102” began it’s infancy quite the opposite as Daytona’s sleepy-time beautiful music station known as “Stereo 102”. A new 2,000 foot tower was planned at Barberville, located in Western Volusia County. With 100,000 watts at this height from the Barberville location, the new WDOQ had a predicted coverage which would have saturated Orlando, Ocala, Saint Augustine, Gainesville and all of Central Florida. Unfortunately, before the new tower construction could get underway, Patten sold WDOQ to Baltimore, Maryland based Abell Communications Corporation. Abell Communications was a radio subsidiary of The A. S. Abell Publishing Company which owned the Baltimore Sun Daily newspaper, ABC affiliate WMAR-TV 2 and WMAR-FM Baltimore, WNVZ-FM Norfolk, Virginia, WCRJ-AM-FM Jacksonville and WDOQ-FM Daytona Beach-Orlando. Abell had no desire to construct such a large tower in Barberville, mainly because of the cost factor involved, so, instead, a new 600 foot tower was constructed near Deland with a power increase to 100,000 watts which improved the signal in Orlando although it wasn’t quite a city grade contour. WDOQ continued to play the “Hottest Hits” becoming ever more popular even though " Y 100" was now on the scene creating some very stiff competition among listeners and advertisers along the World’s Most Famous Beach. Abell sold its entire radio group, retaining its one TV station and publishing enterprises, to its radio executive management headed by James Seymour and Stuart Frankel, forming S & F Communications, Inc. Upon completion of  the sale, Frankel immediately promoted Alex to Vice President of Programming for the S & F radio group although Alex remained headquartered in Daytona. As general manager, Alex was replaced with West Palm Beach radio executive Doug Aurbach. Several months later, Alex left the company to purchase WJXQ-FM in Jackson, Michigan. Aurbach completely reformatted " Q 102", giving it new call letters and new format. The hit music that had been so popular for so many years was replaced with Tran-Star’s Satellite adult contemporary music network. The call letters were changed to WCFI-FM 101.9

Names In WDOQ History

Jim Walter-1972-Co-owner-Walter-Weeks Broadcasting, Inc.   In Memory

Robert M. Weeks-1972-Co-owner-Walter-Weeks Broadcasting, Inc.  In Memory

Gary Mandino-1980-1981-Mornings-Patten Communications, Inc.
Dave Green-1980-Production Director-Dave is now the Production Director for all of the Clear Channel Orlando cluster-Patten Communications, Inc..
Donald Schulz-1980-1981-Evenings-"Dialing for Dingbats"-Patten Communications, Inc.
Rick Knight-1980-1981-Patten Communications, Inc..

Rusty McVie-1980-News Director/Overnights-Chancellor Media Corporation Note: Rusty was on the air when John Lennon was killed.

Rusty McVie with the Q102 Van circa 1980

Glenn M. "Horatio" Walker-1981-1985-Operation Manager/Program Director-Abell Communications Corporation

Big Tom Winston (Ralph Wimmer)-1982-1985-Operations Director-Abell Communications Corporation
"Fast" Eddie Coyle-1983-Abell Communications Corporation

Jack Alex-General Manager

Doug Auerbach

Ron Samuels

Dave Williams (David Titterington)   In Memory
Dave Matthews (David Hesselink)   In Memory
Dave Mann
Max and Pam
Hazel Bynum
Dan Bradley
Bill Blake

Tracey Young   Biography
Stacey Thomas 

Michael W. Lowe  Biography

Jeff Dugan (Marc Tyll)
Bob Mitchell 
“Smash” Shannon
Kid Janitor Eddie Cole
Dave Depish
Michael Jay (Helminsky) 
"The Janitor" (Warren Miller)-In the 1960's "The Janitor" worked in NY and was named Billboard's top DJ of the year
Ovie Loman-Chief Engineer 
Brother Bob
Dicky Doo Edwards

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