WQXQ-FM 101.9 
Daytona Beach

Original Call Letters: WMFJ

Originally Licensed: Nov 1, 1967 

Original City of  License: Daytona Beach

Original Frequency: 101.9 

Origin of Call Letters:  

Original Power: 25,000 watts

Original Format: Top 40

Original Location:

Network Affiliation(s):

RKO Radio Network
United Stations Radio Network


1967-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. 
1980-Patten Communications, Inc. (Co-owned with WNJY-FM 94.3 Rivera Beach-West Palm Beach)
1982-Abell Communications Corporation (The A. S. Abell Publishing Company)
1984-S & F Communications, Inc.  
1985-Duffy Broadcasting, Inc. ($7.7 million)
1987-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc. ($9.2 million)
1996-Chancellor Broadcasting Corporation  
1997-Chancellor Media Corporation1
1999-AMFM Broadcasting, Inc.2
2001-Clear Channel Communications Corporation3
2001-Infinity Broadcasting, Incorporated4
2005-CBS Radio, Inc.5

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WMFJ-1967-Automated Beautiful Music (Drake-Chenault)  “Stereo 102”
WQXQ-1973-AOR  “Q 102”
WQXQ-1976-Top 40  “Q 102”
WDOQ-1979-Top 40  “Q 102”
WCFI-1984 -Adult Contemporary  “Central Florida’s I- 4 101.9 FM”
WCFI-1985-Adult Contemporary (Tran-Star Satellite)  “Sunny 102”
WORZ-1986-Classic Rock   “The Rock You Grew Up With“   “Z 102”
WJHM-1988-Urban Contemporary/Hip Hop   “Jamlando‘s 102 JAMZ”

WQXQ History
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WQXQ. 
The WQXQ call letters moved from AM 1380 (which had become WDAT-AM 1380, now WELE-AM 1380) to FM 101.9 with the station becoming “Q 102”. The new "Q 102" - as a stereo rock station - was an instant success, but only lasted a few years when it was decided top 40 would work much better, attracting a wider audience on the new "Q 102". This meant WQXQ would compete head-to-head against its sister station WMFJ-AM 1450, becoming Daytona’s first and only Top 40 station on FM. Originally the new top 40 "Q 102" was automated, but soon went local/live with its own separate staff of top 40 jocks. The live on-air studio was constructed in the back of the  WMFJ building, directly across the hallway from WMFJ-AM. 
The new "Q 102" was an instant hit and remained a highly top rated radio station for many years. The new "Q 102" quickly earned the unofficial title “Daytona’s PARTY station”. The “[Q]” - as it was sometimes called - was always sponsoring popular bands, bringing them to the famous Daytona Beach band-shell for live concerts, sponsoring spring break events, and creating countless successful promotions and contests. By the time 1980 arrived, Robert Weeks decided to sell all his radio holdings, including WQXQ-FM, but the company retained WMFJ-AM. Weeks built a new studio and office building on Beach Street, near the Daytona Beach marina, and not far from the WROD-AM 1340 tower site, selling the old Root Street building along with WQXQ-FM to Litchfield,  Michigan based Patten Communications. The price in 1980 was $1.5 million. Upon completion of the sale to Patten, Samuels, who had pioneered the FM Stereo Rock concept for Daytona in the early 1970s, left to form Ronette Communications with his business partner Carl Como-Tutera. Ronette later purchased WIYD-FM 99.9 Palatka, transforming that station into Daytona’s Top 40 All Hit Music 100,000 watt “Y 100”  WNFY-FM 99.9, known as “The Visible FM.”  New WQXQ owner Patten Communications hired “Rock ‘N’ Roll Roots” radio program host Jack Alex as Q102’s new general manager. Under Alex’s managerial guidance and direction, aware of the forthcoming direct competition from the new "Y 100", plans were underway to transform the “Q” into a combination Daytona Beach AND Orlando radio station. Orlando was a much bigger market and only had one FM top 40 station, " BJ 105", WBJW-FM 105.1. In anticipation of a pending power increase and tower move, the call letters were changed to (WDOQ Daytona Beach- Orlando, " Q 102") WDOQ-FM 101.9

Names in WQXQ History

Robert M. Weeks-1967-President-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. In Memory
Jim Walter-1967-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. In Memory
Richard Clark-1967-Vice President/General Manager-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. 
John Holiday-1967-Program Director-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. 

Don Skylar-1967-Promotions Manager-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. 
In Memory
Jack Hayward-1967-Station Manager-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. 
William Martin-1967-Chief Engineer-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. 
Dave Randall-1968-Program Director-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. Biography
Rick Taylor (Rick Morgan)-1976-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. 
Mike Roberts (Mike Oakes)-1976-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc.   
Bobby Mitchell-1976-Program Director-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc.

John Scott  (John Bross)-1976-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc.   In Memory
Terry "Bulldog" Hesters-1976-Chief Engineer-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc.  Terry was killed in a car accident in 1983 at the age of 25.
Dave Clark-1976-Executive Vice President-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc.
Ken Nichols-1976-News Director-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc.
Rick Stone-1978-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc.
Jerry Patrick (Jerry Poff)-1979-1980-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc.
Joe Bixby-1979-Mid-days-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc.

Jack Alex-General Manager

1 A direct result of Chancellor Broadcasting merging with Evergreen Media, keeping the name “Chancellor” from Chancellor Broadcasting and keeping “Media” from Evergreen Media, creating the new Chancellor Media Corporation)

2 Company was renamed when Chancellor Media Chairman and founder Thomas O. Hicks resigned, causing numerous corporate Board member changes. The new Chancellor Board of Directors renamed the Delaware corporation AMFM Broadcasting, Inc., naming company President and Chief Operating Officer (former Evergreen Media President and CEO), Jimmy DeCastro, President, CEO and Board member of the new AMFM Broadcasting.

3 Acquired when Clear Channel purchased AMFM Broadcasting

4 The one time radio division of CBS Corporation, owned by Viacom International, Inc. Mel Karmazin, Infinity Chairman

5 Infinity Broadcasting, Inc. was renamed CBS Radio, Inc. after parent CBS Corporation was split off from Viacom International, Inc., creating two separate publicly traded companies in 2005.

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