WJHM-FM 101.9
Daytona Beach

Original Call Letters: WMFJ

Originally Licensed: Sep 1, 1967 

Original City of  License: Daytona Beach

Original Frequency: 101.9 

Origin of Call Letters:  

Original Power: 4,100 watts

Original Format: Urban Contemporary/Hip Hop

Original Location:

Network Affiliation(s):


1967-Daytona Broadcasting, Inc. 
1980-Patten Communications, Inc. (Co-owned with WNJY-FM 94.3 Rivera Beach-West Palm Beach)
1982-Abell Communications Corporation (The A. S. Abell Publishing Company)
1984-S & F Communications, Inc.  
1985-Duffy Broadcasting, Inc. ($7.7 million)
1987-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc. ($8.6 million)
1996-Chancellor Broadcasting Corporation  
1997-Chancellor Media Corporation
1999-AMFM Broadcasting, Inc.
2001-Clear Channel Communications Corporation
2001-Infinity Broadcasting, Incorporated
2005-CBS Radio, Inc.
2017-Entercom Communications
2021-Audacy, Inc. (Formerly Entercom Communications)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WMFJ-1967-Automated Beautiful Music (Drake-Chenault) “Stereo 102”

WQXQ-1973-Automated AOR  (Drake-Chenault)  “Q 102”

WQXQ-1976-Automated Top 40  “Q 102”

WDOQ-1979-Top 40  “Q 102”

WCFI-1984 -Adult Contemporary “Central Florida’s I- 4 101.9 FM”

WCFI-1985-Adult Contemporary (Tran-Star Satellite)  “Sunny 102”

WORZ-1986-Classic Rock “The Rock You Grew Up With“   “Z 102”

WJHM-1988-Urban Contemporary "Jamlando‘s 102 JAMZ”
WJHM-2014-Contemporary Hits   "101.9 AMP RADIO"
WQMP-2016-Top 40   "101.9 AMP RADIO"
WJHM History
WJHM began as WMFJ-FM in 1967.  WMFJ-FM was the sister station of WMFJ-AM 1450

In 1984, former Abell Communications management team from S&F Communications purchased WDOQ through a management buy-out from Abell before it was sold to Duffy Communications and later Beasley Broadcast Group. In 1996, OmniAmerica entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement  with Beasley FM Acquisition Corp. to acquire WJHM.  A Local Marketing Agreement was entered for WJHM with Beasley. Beasley made available to OmniAmerica substantially all of the broadcast time of the station pending the consummation of the transactions. OmniAmerica retained Chancellor to provide programming consulting for the station.

Feb 11, 2014

Today at 10:19AM, CBS Radio's WJHM-FM continued its evolution as a contemporary music station by introducing its new name 101.9 AMP RADIO.  The station will continue to feature "All the Hits" from today's popular artists including Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Rihanna, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry, among others. The pop station had previously been known as 102 JAMZ. "This is the next step to better strengthen our brand as a pop music station," says Bobby Smith, Program Director of the All New 101.9 AMP RADIO.  "Exciting energy and the pulse of today's pop music is what drives 101.9, and with our new AMP RADIO branding we've positioned ourselves to more closely reflect those traits.  We are thrilled about the station's transformation and know listeners will be, too."  Added Dave Robbins, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, CBS RADIO Orlando, "WJHM has always been a highly attractive format for young adult listeners looking to discover new music.  This latest development will increase the station's already powerful reach with advertisers and listeners on air, online and through our mobile platforms."

WJHM Personalities
Magic Scott-1988-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.

Joe Nasty (Dennis Alvord)-1988-1992-Mornings-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.  In Memory

Bruce B-Box-1988-
Mornings with Joe Nasty/10PM-1AM "The Love Zone"-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.

Rebecca Randall-News Anchor-Mornings with Joe Nasty-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.    Biography    In Memory

Frank the Janitor (Bill Luby)-1988-/1992-Production Manager-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.   
Magic Scott-1988-Afternoons-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.   

Cedric Hollywood-1988-1998-Music Director/Afternoons-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc. 
Cedric was named Billboard's Music Director Of The Year for medium market stations, twice.

Bartell Bartell (Bartell Coleman, Jr.) 1988-1997-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc./Chancellor Media Corporation/AMFM Broadcasting, Inc. 
Bartell graduated from Orlando's Oak Ridge High School in 1987. He was killed in a motorcycle  accident in Alabama in 2004. 

Al Fiala-1988-1999-
Research Director/Assistant Music Director/Interim PD/Music Director

Rich Stevens-1989-1992-3PM-7PM-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.  
In Memory

Breakadawn-(Dawn Fleming)-1992-2004-Died in Dec of 2004 at the age of 31 after complications from childbirth. She handled community and entertainment news for 102 JAMZ and helped dozens of charities in Central Florida-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc..
John Welch-1992-Co-host of "The Welch & Woody Show"-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.
Steve Woods-1992-Co-host of "The Welch & Woody Show"-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.

Eddie Santiago-1993-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.
Alex "Doc" Jordan-1994-Noon-3PM-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc. 

Jay Love-1994-2012-2PM-6PM
-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc. 
Apollo (George Fetherbay)-1995-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.

Ms. B!-1996-Mornings
-Chancellor Broadcasting Corporation    Biography

Jill Strada1996-1999-Intern/Part-time Promotion Assistant/On-air talent-CBS Radio, Inc.

Tonyc-1998-2003-Tonyc also owns Tonyc (pronounced Tonic) Entertainment Group (Artist management and promotions company)
-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc.

Stevie DeMann-2001-2007-Program Director/"Jamz Morning Show"-5AM-9AM weekdays-Infinity Broadcasting, Inc.
Darnella-Producer-2001-"Jamz Morning Show"-5AM- 9AM weekdays-Infinity Broadcasting, Incorporated

April D.-Newscaster/2001-"Jamz Morning Show"-5AM- 9AM weekdays-Infinity Broadcasting, Incorporated

Jessica Bonilla-2002-2008-Promotions Assistant/2008-Air Talent-CBS Radio, Inc. 
DJ Kaye Dunaway-2006-2007-6PM-10PM-CBS Radio, Inc.

Steve Harvey-"Steve Harvey Show"-2006-2010-Syndicated morning show-CBS Radio, Inc. 
Ronda Jordan-2007-2010-Middays-CBS Radio, Inc

Lizzette Perez-2010-Mid-days-CBS Radio, Inc.

Rickey Smiley Show-2010-2012-Syndicated morning show-CBS Radio, Inc.

Melony Torres-2011-Music Director/Middays/2013-2014-Assistant Program Director/Music Director/Middays-CBS Radio, Inc.

DJ D-Strong-2011-Nights/2012-Afternoons-CBS Radio, Inc.

Brody (Nate Halegua)-2012-CBS Radio, Inc.

Bobby Smith-2012-2015-Program Director-CBS Radio, Inc.

Dustin Kross-2014-2015-Mornings/Assistant Program Director-CBS Radio, Inc.

Jill Bucco-2014-Music Director/Afternoons-CBS Radio, Inc.

James Steele-2014-2015-Production Manager/Imaging Director/7PM-11PM-CBS Radio, Inc.

China-CBS Radio, Inc.

DJ Chino-11PM-3AM-"Friday Night Jump off',  "The Saturday Night Bomb"-CBS Radio, Inc.

DJ ET-CBS Radio, Inc.

DJ Young Smitchell-CBS Radio, Inc.

DJ Caesar

Jay Michaels

Paco Lopez 

jamz studio-Anthony Crawley.jpg (192556 bytes)

Studio photo courtesy of  
Anthony Crawley

DJ Hukher-Morning co-host with Taina
Taina-Morning co-host with DJ Hukher

La Queesha/Brandi Shannon (Kathryn Adkins)-Traffic    Biography

Sytonnia (Moore)
Alex Dupri-Middays
Rhonda Jordan-Saturdays 10AM-2PM

Ricky Padilla-1AM-6AM/7PM-Midnight-CBS Radio, Inc.
Big Tigger-7AM-10AM-Saturdays-"In the Den" 
Larry Tinsley-6:30AM-10AM-"Sunday Morning Inspiration on 102 Inspiration Jamz"
MoJo (Mark Allen)
Cedric Holly-Assistant Program Director
Rick Humphrey
Al B. Sylk and the Family-Mornings
Dj ProStyle-6PM-10PM
Big Sexy (Stacy Keith)-Sundays-2PM-6PM
Rhonda J.-Sundays- 6PM-10PM

Trey Rivers
(Kevin Baldinger)-Traffic Biography  

Leon Wright  
In Memory

Other Names In WJHM History 

Dave Donahue-1988-1996-General Manager-Duffy Broadcasting, Inc./Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc./-Chancellor Broadcasting Co./2012-General Sales Manager-CBS Radio, Inc. 

Duff Lindsey-1988-1996-Program Director-Chancellor Broadcasting Co. 
1996-Duff was terminated. He was 1995's medium market R&B program director of the year in the Billboard/Airplay Monitor Radio Awards.
Mickey Johnson-1992-Promotions Director-Beasley-Reed Broadcasting, Inc. 
Mike Gonick-1997-General Manager-Chancellor Broadcasting Co. 

Michael Saunders-2007-Program Director-CBS Radio, Inc.
Kevin Hemmings2007-General Sales Manager-CBS Radio, Inc. 

Don Howe-2009-2012-Senior Vice President/Market Manager-Tampa/Orlando cluster-
CBS Radio

Victor Starr-2010-2011-Program Director-CBS Radio

Nick Cannon-2011-Cannon's Countdown-syndicated-CBS Radio

Dennis Martinez-2015-2018-Program Director-CBS Radio/Entercom Communications 
Keith Memoly-Assistant Program Director
Scott Schwartz-General Sales Manager 
Dawn Campbell-Music Director 
John Roberts-Program Director
Russ Allen-Program Director-2000-Afternoons-
Carlos Pedreza-Promotions Director

Dan Connors-1990-Creative Services Director-CBS Radio

Steve Williamson
Sarita Negron-Sales

Dave Robbins-2010-2015-Senior Vice President/Market Manager-CBS Radio   
In Memory
Dena Whitebirch-Website Designer-CBS Radio

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