WIXC-AM 1060  (Branded as WMEL)

Original Call Letters: WRMF
Originally Licensed: Nov. 24, 1957
Original City of License: Titusville 
Original Frequency: 1050
Origin of Call Letters:
Original Power: 10,000 Watts daytime/5,000 Watts nighttime 
Original Location:
Original Format: Big Bands

Network Affiliation(s):  

ABC News
Talk Radio Network
Performance Racing Network
Tampa Bay Rays


1957-Melbourne On The Air, Inc. 
1958-WRMF, Inc.
1973-Fairbanks Broadcasting
1977-Advance Communications
1978-Radio Brevard
1979-Brevard Broadcasting Co. (Regional Broadcasting Co.) 
1984-Ogden Broadcasting
1986-Frazer Broadcasting Corp.
1989-Sage Broadcasting (WAMT-AM /WSCF-FM 98.3 in Titusville for $3 million)
1989-Angel Bocanegra
1992-Radio Brevard, Inc ($265,000)
1996-Spinney Broadcasting Corp.
2000-Genesis Communications ($650,000)
2008-Whiskey River Broadcasting (LMA)
2008-Genesis Communications
2015-Broadcast House, LLC (LMA)
2015-Genesis Communications
2023-MARC Radio Group

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WRMF-1957-Soft Adult Contemporary  "The Nifty 1050" (on 1050)
WRMF-1973-Adult Contemporary  Moved to 1060
WRMF-1979-Full Service/Oldies
WIXC-2000-Big Bands
WIXC-2001-Nostalgia  "Wixie 1060" 
WIXC-2002-Sports Talk "ESPN 1060" 
WIXC-2008-Classic Country "Wixie 1060"
WIXC-2008-Adult Standards  "Wixie 1060"
WIXC-2008-Talk "Brevard's Big Talker"
WIXC-2012-News   "AM 1060 News Information"
WIXC-2015 (WMEL)-Talk/Sports  "The Talk To Me Station"  (WMEL moved its programming to WWBC AM 1510)
WIXC-2016News/Talk  "NewsTalk 1060"
WIXC-2019-Regional Mexican
WIXC-2019 -Spanish Language Sports Radio    "TUDN Radio"   
WIXC-2019 -Spanish Language Sports Radio    "ESPN Deportes Radio"
WIXC-2020-Sports Talk    "Sports Talk Florida"
History Of WMEL 1060
Florida Today
Cocoa, Florida
17 Aug 2015

WMEL Moves To 1060 On AM Dial For Stronger Signal
WMEL AM, known as the “The Talk to Me” station, is now able to talk a little louder these days. Last week, the station’s owner, Broadcast House LLC, signed a deal to purchase WIXC in Titusville from Genesis Communications. The result of that transaction-whose terms were not disclosed-means WMEL’s signal grows from 5,000 watts to 50,000 watts and the station’s dial moves from 1300 to 1060. “With this major upgrade in signal power, our new ‘flame thrower’ positions us to reach millions of additional listeners with exceptional talk radio programming,” said John Harper, a 50-year broadcasting veteran and owner of Broadcast House. “The move also enables our advertisers to reach millions of new customers and extend their brand recognition from Daytona, south to West Palm Beach, and from Florida’s Space Coast west into the Orlando metropolis,” Harper said. WMEL’s lineup includes a mix of local and national programming. The station is located at 2355 Pluckebaum Road in Cocoa. National stars include Dave Ramsey, Doug Stephan, Jim Bohannen and Dana Loesch, among others. Local personalities include Lillian McDermott, Laureen Trent, Ed Dean and Donna Anselmo. “We intend to continue the high-quality coverage AM 1300 WMEL has delivered for more than a quarter century,” Harper said, “including our phenomenal lineup of local hosts who are very well educated and passionate about their topics.”

(WIXC) WMEL Branded  Personalities

Ed Dean-2014-5PM-7PM weekdays-Broadcast House, LLC

Vince Young-2015-Program Director/10AM-Noon-weekdays-Broadcast House, LLC

John Ziegler-2015-"The John and Leah Show"-Monday-Midnight-1AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Leah Brandon-2015-"The John and Leah Show"-Monday-Midnight-1AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Dr. Kaku-2015-"Science Fantastic"-Mon-1AM-3AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Doug Stephan-2015-"Doug Stephan's Good Day"-Weekdays-4AM-9AM-Broadcast House, LLC

Lillian McDermott-2015-"The Lillian McDermott Radio Show"-M,T,W,F-9AM-10AM, Sat Noon-2PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Robert Palmer-2015-9AM-10AM-"Saving Thousands"-Broadcast House, LLC

Rob Newton-2015-Co-host-"Saving Thousands"-9AM-10AM-Diegel Communications, LLC   
In Memory

Bill Martinez-2015-"Bill Martinez Live"-10AM-11AM-Weekdays-Broadcast House, LLC

Herman Cain-2015-11AM-Noon-Weekdays-Broadcast House, LLC

Seeta Begui-2015-Noon-1PM-"Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends"-Broadcast House, LLC
Garren Cone-2015-"American Warrior Radio Show"-Sat-11AM-Noon-Broadcast House, LLC  
Glen McGuffie-2015-"American Warrior Radio Show"-Sat-11AM-Noon-Broadcast House, LLC  

Dave Ramsey-2015-Broadcast House, LLC  

Jim Bohannen-2015-Broadcast House, LLC  

Dana Loesch-2015-Broadcast House, LLC  


Donna Anselmo-2015-Broadcast House, LLC  

Dr. Joy Brown-3AM-4AM-Broadcast House, LLC  
Lauren Trent-Broadcast House, LLC  

Adam Waltemire-Host of "Pop Garden Radio"-Sat-Midnight-2AM-Broadcast House, LLC


Alan Zlotorzynski-"Mouthin' Off Sports Talk"
-Broadcast House, LLC  

Other Names In (WIXC) WMEL Branded History

John Harper-2015-General Manager
-Broadcast House, LLC

Vernon Harper-2015-Sales Manager
-Broadcast House, LLC    In Memory

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