WAMT-AM 1060

Original Call Letters: WRMF

Originally Licensed: Nov. 24, 1957

Original City of License: Titusville  

Original Frequency: 1050 

Origin of Call Letters: Owners name; Richard M. Fairbanks

Original Power: 500 watts day time 

Original Location: 6305 Hwy 46, Mims 

Original Format: Country 

Network Affiliation(s):


1957-Melbourne On The Air, Inc. 
1958-WRMF, Inc.
1973-Fairbanks Broadcasting
1977-Advance Communications
1978-Radio Brevard
1979-Brevard Broadcasting Co. (Regional Broadcasting Co.) 
1984-Ogden Broadcasting
1986-Frazer Broadcasting Corp.
1989-Sage Broadcasting (WAMT-AM /WSCF-FM 98.3 in Titusville for $3 million)
1989-Angel Bocanegra
1992-Radio Brevard, Inc ($265,000)
1996-Spinney Broadcasting Corp.
2000-Genesis Communications ($650,000)
2008-Whiskey River Broadcasting (LMA)
2008-Genesis Communications
2015-Broadcast House, LLC (LMA)
2015-Genesis Communications
2023-MARC Radio Group

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WRMF-1957-Soft Adult Contemporary  "The Nifty 1050" (on 1050)
WRMF-1973-Adult Contemporary  Moved to 1060
WRMF-1979-Full Service/Oldies
WAMT-1989-Latin Music/English Rock and Roll
WAMT-1996-Silent for 3 months
WAMT-1996-Easy Listening
WAMT-1997-Classic Country  (Branson Music Network)
WIXC-2000-Big Bands    "Wixie 1060" 
WIXC-2001-Nostalgia  "Wixie 1060" 
WIXC-2002-Sports Talk "ESPN 1060" 
WIXC-2008-Classic Country "Wixie 1060"
WIXC-2008-Adult Standards  "Wixie 1060"
WIXC-2008-Talk "Brevard's Big Talker"
WIXC-2012-News   "AM 1060 News Information"
WIXC-2015 (WMEL)-Talk/Sports  "The Talk To Me Station"  (WMEL moved its programming to WWBC AM 1510)
WIXC-2016-News/Talk  "NewsTalk 1060"
WIXC-2019-Regional Mexican
WIXC-2019 -Spanish Language Sports Radio    "TUDN Radio"   
WIXC-2019 -Spanish Language Sports Radio    "ESPN Deportes Radio"
WIXC-2020-Sports Talk    "Sports Talk Florida"

History of WAMT
1978-Radio Brevard purchases WRMF-AM 1050 and changes frequency and call letters from WRMF to WAMT. Fairbanks Broadcasting retained the rights to the WRMF call letters and changed WNGS-FM West Palm Beach to WRMF-FM.

1989-Sage Broadcasting Corp., a Stamford, Conn. buys  WAMT-AM/WSCF-FM 98.3 in Titusville for $3 million.

1989-WAMT is purchased by Angel Bocanegra who also owns a television station near San Juan, Puerto Rico, decided to buy the station and start tapping into the Spanish-speaking market in Central Florida. The new format will include a Spanish-language daily morning talk show from 9AM-11AM and will play Latin music. The station also plans to play rock 'n' roll in both English and Spanish.

1996-WAMT had been off the air for three months (Mar-May). The new owner, Spinney Broadcasting Corp., returned the station to the air.

WAMT Personalities

Susie Fennelli-1977-1978-Advance Communications

John Martin-1981-Brevard Broadcasting Co. Biography
Rita Michaels1981-1983
Scott Stover-1984-Ogden Broadcasting  Biography

Lourdes Passalacqua-1989-Mornings-Angel Bocanegra Ownership
Lourdes Contigo-1990-M-F-10-Noon-Angel Bocanegra Ownership

Greg Sherlock-1992-General Manager/News Director/2000-General Manager/News Director-Radio Brevard, Inc/Genesis Communications I
Karen Kay-1992-Radio Brevard, Inc.  Biography

Charles Tyler Atkeison-1995-1997-Space and science reporter  Charles covered both shuttle and unmanned launches live on the air, and hosted a twice daily show, "KSC: Up to the Minute"   

Mike Boguslawski-1996-Mornings 6AM-9AM/General Sales Manager (former consumer reporter at WESH-Channel 2)-Radio Brevard, Inc.  
In Memory

Sal Tee (Salvatore Taglireno)-1996-"Solid Gold Reunion"-7 PM-10PM, Sundays-Radio Brevard, Inc.

Connie Fishbaugh-1997-2000-"Town Talk"/General Sales Manager-Radio Brevard, Inc.
Ed Dean and Brent Mack-1998-Ed and Brent produced a live, political "Weekend Show". In 1998, the show added Gerald Lostutter (a.k.a. "The Lost Man") 
Gary Zajac-1999-"It's All the Blues"-Spinney Broadcasting Corp.
Nina Gold-2000-Genesis Communications

Don Gould   Biography
Patrick Dollins-Fri overnights/Sunday afternoons/Board Op-Radio Brevard, Inc 
Alan Thompson
Charlie Liles    In Memory

Other Names in WAMT History

Angel Bocanegra-1989-Owner

Rene Plasencia-1989-General Manager Angel Bocanegra Ownership
Eugene Sego-1992-CEO-Radio Brevard, Inc.

Bruce Maduri-2000-CEO-Genesis Communications I
Sandra Culuer-2000-Operataions Director-Genesis Communications I 
Edward Destler-2000-2004-General Sales Manager-Genesis Communications I
Jerry Smith-2000-Chief Engineer-Genesis Communications I
Steve Potter-2004-General Sales Manager-Genesis Communications I 
Allen Davis-Vice President of Programming-Genesis Communications I
Bobby Gray-Operations Manager/Chief Engineer 

Other Programming In WAMT History
SportsAmerica Radio Network-10 to midnight nightly

Don Imus
In Memory
"The Money Pit"-2012

1984 Florida Today

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