WAMT-AM 1190
Pine Castle/Sky Lake

Original Call Letters: WHHL

Originally Licensed: Jan 28, 1977  

Original City of  License: Pine Castle/Sky Lake

Original Frequency: 1190 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 5,000 watts 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Talk

Network Affiliation(s):

Fox News
Westwood One
TRN Entertainment


1976-Hyman and Harriet Lake (Holders of Construction Permit) 
1977-Borgen & Murphy
1982-Suntime Radio ($385,000) 
1985-Comco, Inc. ($425,000)
1987-Alleluia Broadcasting Corp. 
1993-Daystar Ministries ($350,000)
2000-Genesis Communications ($2.1 million)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WHHL-1978-Oldies  "Golden 1190"
WREM-1982-Adult Standards "Music of Your Life"
WWLD-1985-Tourist Information "Radio World"  
WWLD-1986-Adult Standards (ABC Stardust)
WAJL-1987-Religion (Station sold. WAJL moves from 1440)
WIXL-2000-Business News/Talk 
WAMT-2009-Spanish Language Sports  "ESPN Deportes Radio"
WAMT-2012-All News "When You Need News" 

WAMT Personalities

George Crossley
-2007-2008-Host of "People Power Hour" Saturday-11AM-Noon-Genesis Communications 
2008-Crossley and crew would move their program to WEUS-AM 810  Biography   In Memory

Jose Miranda-2007-2008-Co-host of "People Power Hour" Saturdays from 11AM-Noon-Genesis Communications 
2008-Jose would move with "People Power Hour" to WEUS-AM 810

John Hamilton-2007-2008-Producer of "People Power Hour" Saturdays from 11AM until noon-Genesis Communications 
2008-John would move with "People Power Hour" to WEUS-AM 810

Mancow-2007-6AM-7AM-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 

Scott Kidd-2007-Mornings 7AM-9AM-Genesis Communications 
Brian and the Judge-2007-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 

O.K. Walters-2007-2008-"Central Florida Sports Tonight"-Genesis Communications 

Bobbie DePew-Mornings-Genesis Communications  
2008-DePew would move her program to WEUS-AM 810

Doug Guetzloe-Weekdays 11AM-Noon-Genesis Communications   
In Memory
2008-Guetzloe would move his program to WEUS-AM 810

Rebecca Costa-2014-
"The Costa Report"-Genesis Communications

Tom Paleveda-2015-Vice President of Programming
-Genesis Communications

Don Imus-Mornings-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 
In Memory

Bill O'Reilly-Weekdays-12PM-2PM-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 

Laura Ingraham-Weekdays-2PM-4PM-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 

Dr. Laura-Weekdays-4PM-7PM-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 

Dave Ramsey-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 

Alan Colmes-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 

John Gibson-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 

Mike Schiano-Genesis Communications   Biography

Roy Masters-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 
Jeff Marshall-News-Genesis Communications 
Capt. David Rogers and Steve Chapman-"The Hawgwild Fishing Show"-Sat.-Syndicated-Genesis Communications 

Other Names In WAMT History

Bruce Maduri-2000-President-Genesis Communications
Mike Burgess-2000-Operation Manager-Genesis Communications
Brad James-2000-General Sales Manager/Marketing Vice President/Programming Vice President-Genesis Communications
Joe Nuchols-2000-General Sales Manager-Genesis Communications

Len Weiner-2011-2014-Vice President of Programming-Genesis Communications
Don Childress-Senior Vice President/General Sales Manager-Genesis Communications
Kathy Kissell-Program Manager-Genesis Communications
Mike Corbett-Operations Manager/Program Director-Genesis Communications
Jerry Smith-Chief Engineer-Genesis Communications
Colin Cantwell-2009-Vice President/General Manager-Genesis Communications

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