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I started at "Y-106" (WHLY-FM 106.7) on weekends while still attending UCF (and working at WUCF's "Stereo 90 FM" back when students actually operated the station and provided all of the talent) while "Y-106" was still operating out of Winter Garden. Hired by Rick Stacey and Jim Steel right after the station was changed to CHR. I was actually the first person jock to do their shift from the new office in Altamonte Springs. I handled a variety of weekend shifts then moved to the 10pm-2am shift as Midnight Mike right before Greg Wells came in to do overnights. I worked with Jeff and Bill, and Shadow StevensShayAnne JeffriesGreg FoxBobby Sharpe.  We reached #1 in the market with this all star team. Alan Rock was the GM.  I eventually became News and Public Affairs Director.
I was at "Y" when it became WCAT, through the Stacey and Steal firings, the Jim Tillery and Gerry Cagle era.  Then moved into the Promotions department and eventually left the station to go to WHOO-AM (990) to work for Bill Michaels doing the overnight shift.  My next stop was WKIS-AM 740 when Susquehanna (Broadcasting) - then (Guy) Gannett owned the station. The days of Clive ThomasGene BurnsPeter RocchioCarole Nelson and Jim Phillips and Wayne Trout doing morning news and John Anthony on Sports.  I did weekend news, filled in for talk hosts and producers, news and sports during the week, hosted a weekend talk program for a time. I was there when the calls changed to WWNZ.  I also worked a weekend shift at "I-100" (WNFI-FM 99.9) in Ormond Beach when Bobby Mitchell was the Program Director in the late 1980's. I left WWNZ to pursue television in the form of a startup TV venture known as The Tourist Channel here in Orlando and then in New Orleans. 
For the past 5 years I have hosted syndicated programs including, "The Mike Schiano Show""InCharge Radio with Mike Schiano""America At Night" and "The Money Minute with Mike" "The Money Minute" is now syndicated nationally on over 325 radio stations and also broadcast in 40 countries via American Forces Radio Network and Soldiers Radio and TV Network. Visit www.inchargeradio.com to learn more. For the past 2 years I have been the primary fill-in for Pat Campbell and Bud Hedinger on WFLF-AM 540 here in Orlando. 

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