WIPC-AM 1280
Lake Wales

Original Call Letters: WIPC

Originally Licensed: Jul 1951  

Original City of License: Lake Wales  

Original Frequency: 1280 

Origin of Call Letters: Location; Imperial Polk County

Original Power: 1,000 watts daytime 500 watts nighttime 

Original Location: 630 Mountain Lake Cut-Off Road 

Original Format: Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press

Keystone Broadcasting
Liberty Broadcasting System
USA Network
ABC Contemporary


1951-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
1956-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Company
1962-Charles D. Bishop
1970-Olivia Broadcasting
1977-Salter Broadcasting
1984-Seggi Broadcasting of Florida
1987-SBC of Florida Inc.
1996-Rama Communications, Inc.  ($90,000)
2005-Super W Media Group

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WIPC-1951-Block Programming
WIPC-1970-Top 40  
WIPC-1974-Adult Contemporary
WIPC-1977-Beautiful Music  
WKZJ-1987-Adult Contemporary
WIPC-1990-Regional Mexican

Some History Of WIPC
From Bill Golden;
The GM was Tom Thornburg. The owner was Oliva Broadcasting,
pronounced "ALL-i-va".  It was sold to Salter Broadcasting in late '77 or early '78. Salter instituted a format change from AC to Beautiful Music/Adult Standards some time after I departed in the spring of '78. The station also got a brand new building under the Salter ownership to replace the odd little U-shaped building it has previously occupied.

Names In WIPC History
Sarkes Tarzian-1951-President-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Steve Keen-1951-Vice President-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Joan Galloway-1951-Program Director/Women's Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
G. Max Kimbrel-1951-General Manager/Chief Engineer/1955-Commercial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Ted Linton-1952-Commertcial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Boone Tillet-1952-Treasurer-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Dick Marsh-1953-Commercial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
John Haughee-1953-Program Director/News Director/Sports Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Shirley Tucker-1954-Program Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Kenneth Berkeley-1956-President-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Elizabeth Bishop-1955-Co-owner-Imperial Broadcasting Corporation 
Chuck Bishop-1955-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Imperial Broadcasting Corporation/1962-President-Charles D. Bishop Ownership
George Friend1955-Co-owner-Imperial Broadcasting Corporation
Jim Sebesta-1955-Co-owner/General Manager/1955-Co-owner-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp./1962-1965-Sales Manager
William Van Steenburgh-1956-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Charles Bruce-1956-News Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Arch Abernathy-"Ol’ Arch the Orange Picker"-1956-Sports Director/1965-News Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Joan Kimbrel-1956-Women's Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
William Johnson-1956-Chief Engineer-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Tom Bilbngton-1957-News Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Eleanor Pryor-1957-Program Director/Women's Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Elizabeth Ann Bishop-1958-Program Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Charles Daly-1958-Chief Engineer-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co./1968-Chief Engineer-Charles D. Bishop
Hyman Wolfe-1960-Chief Engineer-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
John Gilman-1959-1962-Sales Manager
Penny Purcel-1965-Program Director/Promotions Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.

Larry Flegle "The Country Boy"-1967-Afternoons/Sales-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.   Biography    In Memory

Chuck Elston-1967-Commercial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Peg Welborn-1967-Program Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Thomas Thornburg-1967-Promotions Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co./1968-Promotions Director/News-Charles D. Bishop/1970-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Olivia Broadcasting/1977-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Salter Broadcasting/2002-Chief Engineer-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Lee Perry-1967-News Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Sue Thornburg-1969-Program Director-Charles D. Bishop
Terry Weld-1971-Program Director-Charles D. Bishop
Rick Lewis-1971-News Director-Charles D. Bishop
George Oliva. Jr.-1970-President-Oliva Broadcasting

Frank Berry-1970-Chief Engineer-Oliva Broadcasting
    In Memory     
Robert Helmick-1970-Program Director-Oliva Broadcasting
Kenneth Mays-1970-News Director-Oliva Broadcasting
Billy Gee (Bill Golden)-1975-1975-Olivia Broadcasting/1977-1978-Salter Broadcasting
Dan O'Day-1974-Program Director/Music Director-Oliva Broadcasting
Mitchell Stone-1974-News Director-Oliva Broadcasting
Russell Salter-1977-President-Salter Broadcasting
Phil Adam-1979-Music Director/Program Director-Salter Broadcasting
Wes Belisle-1979-News Director-Salter Broadcasting
Howard Massey-1979-Chief Engineer-Salter Broadcasting

Dan Hogan
-1980-1981-Weekends-Salter Broadcasting

Trisha Lynn (Patti Jordan)-1981-Production Director-Salter Broadcasting

Ron Seggi-1984-Chief Executive Officer/President-Seggi Broadcasting of Florida
Claudia Seggi-1984-Executive Vice President/Public Affairs Director-Seggi Broadcasting of Florida
Bonnie Carp-1984-General Manager-Seggi Broadcasting of Florida
David Spada-2002-President-Siber Media Group, Inc.

Roberto Cubero-2002-Vice President/General Manager/Station Manager/Sales Vice President-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Thomas Trevino-2002-Promotions Director-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Edward Oliveres-2002-Program Director/Music Director-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Agustin Olivares-2002-Assistant Music Director-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Daniel Cubero-2002-Public Affairs Director-Siber Media Group, Inc.

Lupita Gonzalez-2005-Operations Manager/Sales Manager-Super W Media Group

Juany Perez-2005-Air Personality/Program Director-Super W Media Group

Frankie Morales-Air Personality


Jose Ochoa-Air Personality/Chief Engineer

DJ TK-Air Personality

Vicki Kujawski

Tom Anthony

Tom Graddy (Ray Thomas “Tom” Graddy, II)  
In Memory
Penny Pursel-Program Director
Lee Whidden
Terry Walden

Red Cannon

Bob Wolfe
Ronni Richards
John Terry
Lenny Bruce (Lenny White)
Jerry Smith
David J. Lewis (John Asp)

Amaza Kincaid (Mike Ballance)

Randy Price
Al Brock
Jeff Higman
Rick Mitchell
Jackie Scott (Moira Jackson) (later Jackie West on WGTO)

Kevin Fulton

Doug Ramsey

Bob Denham-Sales
Betty Banes-Sales
Chuck Daily-Chief Engineer
Walter Miska
Bob Helmick
Dan O’Day
Ronnie Richards
Barry Foster-News
Kim Cooper-Afternoons
Cynthia Crofoot Rignanese-"Lady Lawyer Live"
Raul Centeno-2005-Air Personality/Production Manager-Super W Media Group
Jose Hernandez-Air Personality

Other Programs In WIPC History

Harry Cup
-Syndicated Biography       In Memory
Tom Gresham's Gun Talk
Orlando Magic Basketball

Lou Dobbs Tonight-Syndicated




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