WIPC-AM 1280
Lake Wales

Original Call Letters: WIPC

Originally Licensed: Jul 1951  

Original City of License: Lake Wales  

Original Frequency: 1280 

Origin of Call Letters: Location; Imperial Polk County

Original Power: 1,000 watts daytime 500 watts nighttime 

Original Location: 630 Mountain Lake Cut-Off Road 

Original Format: Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press

Keystone Broadcasting
Liberty Broadcasting System
USA Network
ABC Contemporary


1951-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
1956-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Company
1962-Charles D. Bishop
1970-Olivia Broadcasting
1977-Salter Broadcasting
1984-Seggi Broadcasting of Florida
1987-SBC of Florida Inc.
1996-Rama Communications, Inc.  ($90,000)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WIPC-1951-Block Programming
WIPC-1970-Top 40  
WIPC-1974-Adult Contemporary
WIPC-1977-Beautiful Music  
WKZJ-1987-Adult Contemporary
WIPC-1990-Regional Mexican

Names In WIPC History
Sarkes Tarzian-1951-President-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Steve Keen-1951-Vice President-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Joan Galloway-1951-Program Director/Women's Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
G. Max Kimbrel-1951-General Manager/Chief Engineer/1955-Commercial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Ted Linton-1952-Commertcial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Boone Tillet-1952-Treasurer-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Dick Marsh-1953-Commercial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
John Haughee-1953-Program Director/News Director/Sports Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Shirley Tucker-1954-Program Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Kenneth Berkeley-1956-President-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp.
Elizabeth Bishop-1955-Co-owner-Imperial Broadcasting Corporation 
Chuck Bishop-1955-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Imperial Broadcasting Corporation/1962-President-Charles D. Bishop Ownership
George Friend1955-Co-owner-Imperial Broadcasting Corporation
Jim Sebesta-1955-Co-owner/General Manager/1955-Co-owner-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Corp./1962-1965-Sales Manager
William Van Steenburgh-1956-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Charles Bruce-1956-News Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Arch Abernathy-"Ol’ Arch the Orange Picker"-1956-Sports Director/1965-News Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Joan Kimbrel-1956-Women's Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
William Johnson-1956-Chief Engineer-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Tom Bilbngton-1957-News Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Eleanor Pryor-1957-Program Director/Women's Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Elizabeth Ann Bishop-1958-Program Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Charles Daly-1958-Chief Engineer-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co./1968-Chief Engineer-Charles D. Bishop
Hyman Wolfe-1960-Chief Engineer-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
John Gilman-1959-1962-Sales Manager
Penny Purcel-1965-Program Director/Promotions Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.

"The Country Boy" Larry Flegle-1967-Afternoons/Sales-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co. Biography

Chuck Elston-1967-Commercial Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Peg Welborn-1967-Program Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Thomas Thornburg-1967-Promotions Manager-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co./1968-Promotions Director/News-Charles D. Bishop/1970-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Olivia Broadcasting/1977-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Salter Broadcasting/2002-Chief Engineer-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Lee Perry-1967-News Director-Imperial Polk Broadcasting Co.
Sue Thornburg-1969-Program Director-Charles D. Bishop
Terry Weld-1971-Program Director-Charles D. Bishop
Rick Lewis-1971-News Director-Charles D. Bishop
George Oliva. Jr.-1970-President-Oliva Broadcasting

Frank Berry-1970-Chief Engineer-Oliva Broadcasting           
Robert Helmick-1970-Program Director-Oliva Broadcasting
Kenneth Mays-1970-News Director-Oliva Broadcasting
Dan O'Day-1974-Program Director/Music Director-Oliva Broadcasting
Mitchell Stone-1974-News Director-Oliva Broadcasting
Russell Salter-1977-President-Salter Broadcasting
Phil Adam-1979-Music Director/Program Director-Salter Broadcasting
Wes Belisle-1979-News Director-Salter Broadcasting
Howard Massey-1979-Chief Engineer-Salter Broadcasting

Dan Hogan
-1980-1981-Weekends-Salter Broadcasting

Trisha Lynn (Patti Jordan)-1981-Production Director-Salter Broadcasting

Ron Seggi-1984-Chief Executive Officer/President-Seggi Broadcasting of Florida
Claudia Seggi-1984-Executive Vice President/Public Affairs Director-Seggi Broadcasting of Florida
Bonnie Carp-1984-General Manager-Seggi Broadcasting of Florida
David Spada-2002-President-Siber Media Group, Inc.

Roberto Cubero-2002-Vice President/General Manager/Station Manager/Sales Vice President-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Thomas Trevino-2002-Promotions Director-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Edward Oliveres-2002-Program Director/Music Director-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Agustin Olivares-2002-Assistant Music Director-Siber Media Group, Inc.
Daniel Cubero-2002-Public Affairs Director-Siber Media Group, Inc.

Lupita Gonzalez-2005-Operations Manager/Sales Manager-Super W Media Group

Juany Perez-2005-Air Personality/Program Director-Super W Media Group

Frankie Morales-Air Personality


Jose Ochoa-Air Personality/Chief Engineer

DJ TK-Air Personality

Vicki Kujawski

Tom Anthony

Tom Graddy (Ray Thomas “Tom” Graddy, II)  
In Memory
Penny Pursel-Program Director
Lee Whidden
Terry Walden

Red Cannon

Bob Wolfe
Bob Denham-Sales
Betty Banes-Sales
Chuck Daily-Chief Engineer
Walter Miska
Bob Helmick
Dan O’Day
Ronnie Richards
Barry Foster-News
Kim Cooper-Afternoons
Cynthia Crofoot Rignanese-"Lady Lawyer Live"
Raul Centeno-2005-Air Personality/Production Manager-Super W Media Group
Jose Hernandez-Air Personality

Other Programs In WIPC History

Harry Cup
-Syndicated Biography
Tom Gresham's Gun Talk
Orlando Magic Basketball

Lou Dobbs Tonight-Syndicated


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