Original Call Letters: WORZ

Originally Licensed: Feb 8, 1947 

Original City of License: Orlando 

Original Frequency: 740 

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: The GaMe

Original Power: 50,000 watts 

Translator: 96.9-W245CL-FM-250 watts (Deltona)

Original Location: 

Original Format: Sports 

Network Affiliation(s):

Fox Sports Radio


1947-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
1966-Tom Cassel
1971-Susquehanna Radio
1988-Guy Gannett Broadcasting
1994-Paxson Broadcasting
1997-Clear Channel Communications 
2007-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2009-Clear Channel Communications 
2018-Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, Inc
IHM Licenses, LLC

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WORZ-1947-Full Service  (Variety) 
WKIS-1958-Adult Contemporary
WKIS-1973-Pop/Standard MOR
WKIS-1979-News/Talk  "NewsTalk 74"
WQTM-2001-Sports Talk formerly on 540
WQTM-2007-Mexican Oldies "La Preciosa"  ("The Precious One")
WQTM-2008-Modern Spanish Pop 

WYGM History
WYGM took to the air on midnight, Sunday February 15, 2009. WYGM-AM 740 "The Game". The initial lineup will include Fox Sports' national feed. "The First Team on Fox with Steve Czaban" Monday-Friday 6AM-9AM, "Dan Patrick" from 9AM-Noon, J.T. "The Brick" from 10PM-2AM. Jim Rome will move from WHOO-AM 1080 on April 16, 2009, to the Noon-3PM slot. The line-up also includes UCF baseball, basketball and football in the fall. Dan Sileo and Shot Doctor heard on WFLF-AM 540, will eventually join "The Game".

The Game Goes FM     10-1-15
The line-up on WYGM-AM 740 will now be heard on FM 96.9 in Orlando as well. Fans can celebrate at the official launch party from 3PM-7PM,  Tuesday  at Duffy's Sports Grill at The Mall at Millennia, where "The Sports Rx" and "Magic Drive Time" will be broadcast live. 

Names In WYGM History

Rick Everett-2003-Promotions Manager/2004-Marketing Director/2005-National Sales Manager/Program Director-Clear Channel Communications /2008-Marketing Director-Aloha Station Trust, LLC

Scuba Steve-2009-Producer-"Super Duper Sports Show"-Clear Channel Communications 

Dan Sileo-2009-2010-Mon-Fri-6AM-9AM-Clear Channel Communications 

Oddo (Chris Oddo)-2009-"Odds On You"-Saturdays at Noon-Clear Channel Communications 

Moose-2009-"Odds On You"-Saturdays at Noon-Clear Channel Communications 
Glen-2009"Odds On You"-Saturdays at Noon-Clear Channel Communications 
Greg Batten-2009-"Batten Outdoors"-10AM-Noon, Saturdays-Clear Channel Communications 
Bahama Tom-2009-"Batten Outdoors"-10AM-Noon, Saturdays-Clear Channel Communications 
JC-2009-"Batten Outdoors"-10AM-Noon, Saturdays-Clear Channel Communications 

Bubba "WhoopAss" Wilson-2009-"Batten Outdoors"-10AM-Noon-Saturday-Clear Channel Communications 
BooDreaux-2009-"Florida Fishing Radio"-6AM-9AM-Saturday-Clear Channel Communications 
Steve Chapman-2009-"Florida Fishing Radio"-6AM-9AM-Saturday-Clear Channel Communications 

O.K. Walters-2009-"Central Florida Sports Tonight"-Clear Channel Communications 

"The Shot Doctor" (Austin Pistulka)-2009-"Sports Rx with the Shot Dr. and Brandon Kravitz"-Mon-Fri 3PM-5:30PM-Clear Channel Communications /2019-2020-Co-host/Executive producer-“In the Zone with Brandon Kravitz and The Shot Doctor” -iHeart Media

Scott Harris-2009-Producer "Sports Rx"/Co-host-"Super Duper Sports Show"/Program Coordinator-Clear Channel Communications 

Brian Grimes-2009-Host of "Super Duper Sports Show" Monday 8PM-Clear Channel Communications 

Dan Patrick-2009-Mon-Fri-9AM-Noon-Clear Channel Communications 

Jim Rome-2009-Mon-Fri-Noon-3PM-Clear Channel Communications 

Petros and Money-2009-Clear Channel Communications 

JT The Brick (John Tournour)-2009-10PM-2AM-Clear Channel Communications 

Tony Bruno-2009-Overnights-Clear Channel Communications  

Mike Bianchi
-2010-“Open Mike with Mike Bianchi and Brian Fritz”-
6AM-9AM-Clear Channel  Communications  Biography

Brian Fritz-2010-2013-“Open Mike with Mike Bianchi and Brian Fritz”-
6AM-9AM-Clear Channel Communications 

Brandon Kravitz-2010-Intern/Co-host/Producer-“Open Mike with Mike Bianchi"/co-host/producer of the "Sports Rx with the Shot Dr. and Brandon Kravitz"/2019-Co-Host-“In the Zone with Brandon Kravitz and The Shot Doctor” -iHeart Media

"The Coach" Marc Daniels-2012-"The Beat Of Sports"-9AM-Noon- with co-host Jerry Greene-Clear Channel Entertainment  

Jerry Greene-2012-"The Beat Of Sports"-9AM-Noon-Clear Channel Entertainment  co-host with "The Coach" Marc Daniels-Clear Channel Entertainment  
In Memory

Kevin Sutton-2012-"Kevin Sutton Show"
-Clear Channel Entertainment  

Mayra-2012-Co-host-"Kevin Sutton Show"-Clear Channel Entertainment  

Marky Mark-2012-Producer/co-host-"Kevin Sutton Show"-Clear Channel Entertainment  

Jerome The Intern-2012-"Kevin Sutton Show"-Clear Channel Entertainment 

George O’Leary-2015-"George O’Leary Radio Show"-7PM-Tues night when the team has a game
-Clear Channel Entertainment 

Rich Eisen-2015-2016-Noon-3PM
-Clear Channel Entertainment/iHeart Media 

David Pingalore-2016-iHeart Media 

Colin Cowherd-2016-Noon-3PM-iHeart Media 

Jack Bradshaw-2017-Program Director-iHeart Media 

Jerry O'Neil
-2017-"The Finish Line"-co-host with The Shot Doctor-3PM-6PM  Biography

Doc-Co-host “Open Mike with Mike Bianchi”-6AM-9AM-iHeart Media 

Dante Marchitelli-"Magic Drive Time"-5:30PM-6PM-Clear Channel Entertainment

Rich Rogers-"Kevin Sutton Show"-Clear Channel Entertainment 

Faithy Faith-"Kevin Sutton Show"-Clear Channel Entertainment 

Michelle Court (Michelle Betancort-Lugo)-Traffic-Clear Channel Entertainment 

Gary Cohl-Co-host-"Inside the Locker Room"-Mon-Wed-6PM-7PM-Clear Channel Entertainment 

Lee Goldberg-Co-host-"Inside the Locker Room"-Mon-Wed-6PM-7PM-Clear Channel Entertainment 
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Craig Norberg, Bill Martini, Edward Arnold, Erick Cordero, Jessica W-"The Bantering Idiots"-Clear Channel Entertainment 

Carson Ingle
Matt Doolittle

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