WORZ-AM 740               

Original Call Letters: WORZ

Originally Licensed: Feb 8, 1947 

Original City of License: Orlando 

Original Frequency: 740 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,000 watts 

Original Location: WORZ Building, Winter Garden Road

Original Format: Variety

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press
Mutual Broadcasting System


1946-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
1966-WKIS, Inc.  (Tom Cassel)
1971-Susquehanna Radio
1988-Guy Gannett Broadcasting
1994-Paxson Broadcasting
1997-Clear Channel Communications 
2007-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2008-Clear Channel Communications 

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WKIS-1958-Adult Contemporary
WKIS-1973-Pop/Standard MOR
WKIS-1979-News/Talk  "NewsTalk 74"
WQTM-2001-Sports Talk formerly on 540
WQTM-2007-Mexican Oldies "La Preciosa"  ("The Precious One")
WQTM-2008-Modern Spanish Pop 

History of WORZ
WORZ-FM Opens Jan. 1 WORZ-FM will begin formal operations about Jan. 1, Eugene D. Hill, general manager of the Cen- tral Florida Broadcasting said1 yesterday. The new sister station to WORZ-AM will conlinue broadcasting on a test basis until then, he said.

WORZ took to the air on Feb. 8, 1947, with 1,000 watts of power as another NBC affiliate at 740 on the AM dial. Offices and studios were at 790 N. Orange Ave., and the station's transmitter was on Old Winter Garden Road. In those  days, NBC had two radio networks, called the red and the blue networks. In 1949, you could listen to the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis show on Friday evenings.
Martin & Lewis opening 

WORZ-WKIS Winter Garden studios_2-Jeff D'Aurora.jpg (126562 bytes)
This building on Winter Garden Road was built to house WORZ-AM 740, WORZ-FM 100.3 as well as  a planned TV studio as WORZ was granted a license to transmit on channel 9. Seems they ran out of money and channel 9 became WLOF TV.  The area in the back of the station which housed the Sales dept. was to be the TV studio. 
click photo for full sized view
                                                                                               Thanks to Jeff D'Aurora for the photo 

WORZ Wins Decision In Bid For Orlando Television Channel 
A Federal Communications Commission examiner today recommended WORZ. Inc., be authorized to operate a channel 9 television station at Orlando, Fla. Examiner Basil P. Cooper pro posed that a competing application of Mid-Florida Television Corp. be denied. The owners of WORZ. Inc headed by Mrs. Naomi T. Murrell operate radio stations WORZ AM-FM in Orlando and WNTM at Vero Beach. Fla. Mid-Florida Television, whose owners operate Orlando radio station WLOF, is headed by Joseph L. Brechner, general manager of radio station WGAY, Silver Spring, Md., and includes a number of other stockholders in the Washington. D. C, area. The examiner's findings are subject to protest within 40 days. In the absence of objection, his recommendations would become final after that time.

WORZ Personalities
Tom Doyle-1946-News Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
William Pennell-1947-Program Director & Promotions Director/1948-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

Stephen Wesley-1947-Program Director/News Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

Walt Sickles-1950-1954-"Adventures with Uncle Walt"-(had its beginning with children's music and storytelling.)  In Memory
John Lofton-1950-News Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Lou Kennedy (Lou Candido)-1950-Farm News Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Marcia Roen-1950-Women's Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

Bob Andrews-1951 Biography   In Memory
Robert Deihl-1951-News Director/Farm Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Jim Wilson-1951-Sports Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

Tony Chastain-1951
-1958-Proram Director. Tony was then host of the first "Talk Show" in Central Florida-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.  
In Memory
Charles Hunt-1953-Program Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
William Switzer-1953-News Director/Farm Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Chuck Fuller-1953-Sports Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Phoebe Miller-1953-Women's Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Happy Ison (Stephen Wesley Ison)-1954-Program Director/1956-Sports Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.    In Memory
Harry Gaines-1954-Promotions Director/Farm Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Don James-1954-News Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Bill Dawson-1954-Sports Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Mary Lou Edwards-1954-Women's Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Johnny Fairchild-1955-"Music 'Til One" -Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Jim Price-1955-Farm Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.ay

Russ Wheeler-1966-1969  Biography
Gordon Town
Sammy and Marsha-Hosted a breakfast show from their home
Tony Girard

Ken Knight
(Adrian Kenneth Knight)  
In Memory
Lee Ronan
Glen Smith

Other Names In WORZ History

James Dandelake-1946-President-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

Eugene Hill-1946-Stataion Manager/Commercial Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co./1948-Station & Commercial Manager/1949-General Manager/ Commercial Manager/1953-Vice President & General Manager/1955-Vice President & General Manager & Commercial Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

Paul Parker-1946-Program Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

Bette Stein-1946-Promotions Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

H. B. Greene-Chief Engineer-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

Naomi T. Murrell-1947-Presdident/General Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

W. O. Murrell Jr.-1947-Commercial Manager & Promotions Manager/1948-Station Manager/1950-Secretary/Treasurer-Central Florida Broadcasting Co./1951-President-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

W. R. Miller-1947-Chief Engineer-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
William Pennell-Promotion Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.          
W. Dodd Daniel-1947-Chief Engineer-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Howard Scott-1948-Chief Engineer-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Sam Roen-1950-Promotions Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.                
William Miller-1951-Chief Engineer-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Harold Stouitseh-1951-Chief Engineer-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Eugene D. Hill-1952-Vice President/General Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Chas. Hunt-1952-Program Director-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Winston L. Clark-1952-Commercial Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Georgia McCarty-1952-Promotions Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
John Surrick-1954-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
Jim Moore-1954-Chief Engineer-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
James Guerrinni-1954-Chief Engineer-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.
M.S. Wetzel-1955-Commercial Manager-Central Florida Broadcasting Co.

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