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Michael's radio career began in Ft. Lauderdale under the Air Name of "Shark Mann" in 1986.  Michael did "Surf Reports" for various coastal radio stations that catered to the surfing and sailing crowd. In 1992, after a brief stint at Disney's Magic Kingdom and the Disney/MGM Studios, along with Bill Fries of WOCL-FM 105.9, Mike changed his air name to "Don Adams",  and began as morning traffic reporter at WLRQ-FM 99.3 in Cocoa with "Kelly & Company" during the day and overnights at WHKR-FM 102.7 in Rockledge. Thanks to Anne Barnes and Donna Moorehouse at Metro Traffic Control,  Mike,  as Don Adams, became the third airborne reporter for WOCL-FM 105.9 and WDBO-AM 580 as well as the "traffic geek" for the Ed Tyll show and for the "Phillips Phile" with Jim Phillips and Ms. B at WTKS-FM 104.1 and the "Doc and Johnny Show" on  WXXL-FM 106.7. Mike became Asst. Director of Operations for Metro Traffic at their newly created studios in Fort Myers and Naples and then to Director, when Meridian Broadcasting hired him as AM Operations Manager for WINK-AM, WNOG-AM, and WTLQ-AM and fill-in for all the FMs as well as a morning news reporter. As Operations Manager, and some programming changes (including his own afternoon talk show "Adams in the Afternoon"), Mike's goals were met and a "retirement" community in Mitchell, South Dakota was erecting a new 100,000 Watt FM owned by the NAB's Gordon Thompson, who has a winter home in Naples, and was impressed by "Adams" and presented Mike with a "blank check" to build and broadcast an oldies format, adding his own brand of humor on the morning show and directing the multi-station production, news, and computer needs. Mike as Don Adams, made an enemy of Senator Tom Daschle (whom Adams referred to as "Dash-Hole").  Daschle's wife was the FAA lobbyist to Congress.   Mike writes"...She "suggested" to (owner) Thompson that the C(onstruction) P(ermit) for the KGGK-FM tower upgrades might be "held up" in committee if he kept "Adams" on the payroll.  So, obviously, "Adams" had to go. Besides, the first winter storm hit on November 6th and the temperature dropped to 70 below zero!!.."  So Mike and family returned to Central Florida where "Adams" returned to the air for Jan Hall, GM of WKIQ-AM 1240, in Eustis. Mike also worked at WQBQ-AM 1410 doing the morning show when Gateway Broadcasting & Internet acquired both stations along with Scott Arnett.  Mike was programming for the fledgling network which included WHDM in Mackenzie, Tennessee. Holcombe left the group when they began having financial problems and Mike owned his own consulting firm as well as a transportation firm, for  a business development firm, and a stunt driving (mainly tractor trailer slides and crash-rollovers) service for television commercials the past five years. Michael is currently (2004) looking toward acquiring a local AM station in Lake County.

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