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June 2005 

Bill Gephart Passes    6-3-05
Bill Gephart, who began his radio career in the 1970's at WACY-AM 1220, Kissimmee and later worked as the News Director for WLBE-AM 790, Leesburg before moving to WDBO-AM 580, Orlando for more than 10 years, passed away on June 2, 2005. Bill had been ill lately, and his health declined in recent months after the death of his mother in October 2004. He was 52 years old. Grissom Funeral Home, Kissimmee is handling the services. Visitation is Sunday June 5, between 3:00pm and 4:00pm with the service at 4:00pm
Grissom Funeral Home
803 Emmett St.
Kissimmee, FL 34741 
(407) 847-3131

Wayne Trout  Passes     6-12-05
Wayne Trout a fixture of Central Florida radio for over 30 years has died in his sleep on Friday, according to WTKS-FM 104.1's Jim Philips. Wayne was 56 years old. Details will follow as they become available. Jim Philips notes "...Many men and more women will mourn his passing."

Wayne on WDBO-AM 580

Veteran broadcaster passes 
Scott Maxwell   Orlando Sentinel  Taking Names Column
Wayne Trout, a 30-plus-year veteran of Central Florida's airwaves, tragically surprised his mother, radio peers and legions of listeners when he unexpectedly died last week. "He was his jolly old self," Doris Trout said of her 56-year-old son. "He just went to bed, and then he died." Trout worked as newsman, anchor and news director on myriad stations, including WDBO, WTRR and WKIS. While Trout's on-air persona was known by the masses, those who knew him said it was his off-air personality -- his love of life, partying and his willingness to take in the forlorn -- they remember most. "He was one of the originals," said afternoon talker Jim Philips, who both competed against and worked alongside Trout through the years. "If you or your buddy got a divorce or dumped, you could stay with Wayne. And he would turn 'em around in a couple of days." Though Trout wasn't working in the hardscrabble business when he passed, his mother said it was still in his blood. "He started out when he was 18, and he never really got out of it."

Wayne Trout Memorial Service Planned    6-14-05
A memorial service will be held for Wayne on Saturday, June 25th at Mead Garden located at 1300 S. Denning Dr, Winter Park between the hours of 11 AM and 1 PM.

A Celebration Of Wayne Trout's Life     6-20-05
Following the Memorial Service Saturday, June 25th at Mead Garden there will also be a celebration of Wayne Trout's life to be held at the clubhouse at Park West Condominiums located at 300 Carolina Ave., Winter Park, Fl.  Parking will be at the public parking area on New York Ave. or at the bank parking lot across from Park West - If you should have any questions, please contact Cathy Marino at  407-628-0110.

Johnny Twinkles Moving On    
"K92 FM" morning co-host Johnny Twinkles announced that he will leave radio to move to Branson, Missouri and fulfill his life-long dream of singing in front of an audience. His last day will be this Friday, 6/24. Fellow morning show hosts Ellis B. Feaster, Melissa Moore and Mark "Skid" Laven plan to send him off in style. 
Johnny tells me; "My decision to leave the "WWKA K92FM Most Morning Show" was a hard one. I guess years of saying "Congratulations" kind of gets to a man. I used to sing in different night clubs around the Vegas and Reno area's before coming to K92FM. I guess you can say music (and scotch) has always been my passion. So, I've decided to head north to the fabulous, glamorous city of Branson, Missouri. (I actually made the decision after my second wife called asking for alimony. I knew then it was time to get the heck out of town). I would like to thank Cox Radio's Bill Hendrich and Len Shackelford for making sure my checks didn't bounce (I wish they would have paid me under the table like I asked). I would also like to thank the wonderful staff at WWKA K92FM including Ellis B. Feaster, Melissa Moore, Mark "Skid" Lavin, Shadow, Bobby Mitchell and Tyler McKenzie for the use of their couches, money and Doritos.
Cheers and Congratulations!!!!!

Johnny Twinkles

WHTQ Now In HD  
At 3:30 PM this afternoon, the WHTQ-FM
96.5 HD signal was turned on. That brings the total number of Orlando stations licensed for HD to seven including WCFB-FM 94.5, WDBO-AM 580, WMMO-FM 98.9 and WPYO-FM 95.3, WUCF-FM 89.9 and WMFE-FM 90.7.

Russ Ross and The Doo Wop Shoppe    6-26-05
"Uncle Russie" Russ Ross and the Original Doo Wop Shoppe can now be heard on the Internet. You can listen at 7PM Saturday and Sunday nights as well as Sunday mornings at 7AM EDT. Tune in at  http://unclerussie.tripod.com/


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