WFIV-AM 1080 

Original Call Letters: WKGF 

Originally Licensed: Dec 1963 

Original City of License: Kissimmee 

Original Frequency: 1080 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 5,000 Watts daytime

Original Location: Century Blvd. Kissimmee

Original Format: Country Western

Network Affiliation(s):

The Farm Bureau Network 


1964-Radio Florida Broadcasters

1995-Kissor Communications  ($900,000)

1999-Genesis Communications I ($1.1 million)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WKGF-1965-Contemporary Christian
WFIV-1964-Country "The Mighty Five"
WFIV-1979-Easy Listening  "AM 1080 Easy Listening"
WFIV-1995-Spanish  "Radio Selecta"  "Radio Exito"
WFIV-2000-Positive Talk  "Genesis 1080"  "Home of the good guys"
WHOO-2001-Adult Standards  
WHOO-2002-Sports  "ESPN Radio"

WFIV History
Air Force engineer Ed Allmon was putting the finishing touches on his personally designed country radio station, WFIV-AM 1080, in 1964.  WFIV took to the air in 1965 as a "day timer", signing on at sunrise and signing off at sunset. Allmon spent $600,000 to  upgrade the station in 1983. At 10,000 watts, WFIV was one of the most powerful AMs in Central Florida. WFIV played traditional and contemporary country music. With the philosophy of ''more music, less talk'' they averaged about 12 songs per hour off the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, plus four or five tunes by "classic country" artists such as Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow and Kitty Wells.
In 1995 owner Ed Allmon signed a $900,000 agreement to sell the business to Kissor Communications, an Orlando-based company headed up by mortgage broker Jorge Perez. The sale included the station's three towers, transmission equipment and the 16 acres of land where they are located just outside the Buenaventura Lakes community. The studio building, however, was not included. 

WFIV History During The Kissor Days
In September, 1996 Kissor Communications, programmers of the all-Spanish "Radio Selecta" format on WFIV, were silenced after the station owner Ed Allmon evicted them. Kissor Communications began purchasing air time on WFIV in 1994 and later arranged to put money toward buying the small, 10,000-watt station from Allmon. Allmon said he evicted the Kissor staff recently from the station off Orange Blossom Trail north of Kissimmee because of a $107,000 debt. Kris Persaud, the head of Kissor, who disputes that money is owed, tried to broadcast from WFIV's transmission tower in Buenaventura Lakes, but he was kicked out of there, too. In a quote to the Orlando Sentinel, Persaud said; ''We went to the transmitter tower because we thought that we still had access to it.''  Persaud recently moved "Radio Selecta" up the radio dial to WOKB-AM 1600, a station he has worked with for several years. He hopes to return to Osceola soon if he can resolve financial differences with Allmon. Allmon began his own Latin music broadcasting after WFIV spent three days off the air. He said several other mostly Hispanic companies are interested in buying the station from him.

WFIV Personalities
Homer Rhoden "Big Sarge"-1965-General Manager/Sales Manager/Program Director-Radio Florida Broadcasters

Bill Barber-1966-Radio Florida Broadcasters  Biography

Rick Chamberlin-1967-Radio Florida Broadcasters
Born in Kissimmee, Rick got his start in the radio business at the age of 17 by sweeping the floors and taking out the trash at WFIV. One day the Program Director said "Hey kid, how would you like to do Saturday afternoons?" and Rick was thrilled.
In Memory

Frank Reed-1970-Radio Florida Broadcasters  Biography
Dolph and Ruth Hewitt-1971-Radio Florida Broadcasters
Dutch Edwards-1971-Radio Florida Broadcasters
Lee Brandel-1977-Afternoons-Radio Florida Broadcasters
Mickey Booth-1978-1989-Mornings-Radio Florida Broadcasters

Pete Forgione
-1978-"Central Florida Aware"-1:30-3PM-Radio Florida Broadcasters  Biography    In Memory  

Orlando Sentinel 1978

Orlando Sentinel 1979

Jeff Allen-1986-1993-Radio Florida Broadcasters
Rev. Marion Fred Toms-1993-Sundays-12:30PM-Radio Florida Broadcasters
Maria del Pilar-1996-Program Director-Kissor Communications
Titi Chagua (Rosaura Andreu)-1996-Kissor Communications
Joey Colon-1996-Kissor Communications
Eddie Vazquez-1996-Kissor Communications
Luis Montanez Jr.-1997-Kissor Communications
Ruben Perez-1999-Kissor Communications

Bob Andrews
Biography   In Memory

Bill Bauman
Tim Jerricho
Wayne "Red" Henderson
Tom Riggs-Now owner of American Bluegrass Network
Bill Barrett
Sam Gilkey

Bob Opsahl
Mike Wiley

WFIV Tag courtesy of Dr. Larry Flegle

Grandma’s Pontiac Ventura circa 1974  
courtesy of Nomeus of


Other Names In WFIV History
Edward Allmon-1964-1996-President/1967-President/Chief Engineer-Radio Florida Broadcasters

Bill Burgess
-1964-Sales/1972-Commercial Manager-Radio Florida Broadcasters In Memory
Carolyn Misroon-1964-Women's Director-Radio Florida Broadcasters
R. Jack Shipp-1964-Chief Engineer-Radio Florida Broadcasters
E.M. Faust-1966-Chief Engineer/1967-Commercial Manager-Radio Florida Broadcasters
Jorge Perez-1995-President-Kissor Communications 
Juan Diaz-1995-Vice President/General Manager-Kissor Communications
Orchid Reyes-1996-Promotions/Marketing Director-Kissor Communications

Bruce C. Maduri-
2000-President-Genesis Communications  
Bill Smith-Operations Director
Nancy Turner

Other Programs In WFIV History
Houston Astros Baseball-1985
Houston/Osceola Astros Baseball-1992


Post Card courtesy of Dick Camnitz

Chastain's Restaurant 
Back in the 1960's and early 70's there was a diner type restaurant called Chastain's. It was on Orange Blossom trail. There was a two-story glass broadcast tower out in the front parking lot  Radio personalities would do their shows and give traffic reports on Orange Blossom Trail. Chastain's was located near the corner of Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) and Colonial Drive. The Chastain family took over the restaurant in 1956. Thanks to Dick Shane (Camnitz) of WLOF-AM 950 for the post card of Chastain's with the broadcast tower out front. Chastain's would close in 1996. According to "Uncle Russie", Russ Ross, broadcasting from there were Pete Forgione of WFIV-AM 1080 and  from Bill BarberWHOO-AM 990 would also use the tower (when it was a rock station). There is an Army-Navy store there now.
From Bob Andrews of WLBE-AM 790; "..the tower that stood out front, overlooking OBT (Orange Blossom Trail) was known as the "owls nest," and the C&W band, The 5 Owls performed there. They later built the Rainbow Ranch out near Big Tree Park, (in Seminole County, near Sanford) where they performed for many years. The tower was used for other things too. A DJ from WOKB-AM 1600, Eddie Lockwood, tried to set a "staying-awake record", up in the tower...he came within a couple hours of doing that. I was just coming out of Chastain's after a late night breakfast when I saw his head fall on the table...what some people won't do for publicity!..."
Check out more on Chastain's, here 

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