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March 2009

Paul Harvey Passes  3-1-09
Paul Harvey, the syndicated newscaster and commentator has died at the age of 90 on Saturday February 28, 2009. Harvey's career spanned 76 years. Paul Harvey News has been called the "largest one-man network in the world," as it is carried on 1,200 radio stations, 400 Armed Forces Network stations around the world and 300 newspapers. His broadcasts and newspaper columns have been reprinted in the Congressional Record more than those of any other commentator. 
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Robert "Rob" Redding Jr. Program Joins WMEL Lineup     3-5-09
Talk radio show host  Rob Redding, Jr. has extended his nationally-syndicated program, named after his award-winning Web site Redding News Review, into Florida. Redding's three-hour radio show this weekend begins airing every Sunday from 7PM to 10PM on WMEL-AM 1300 in Melbourne. "It's one of a kind," said John Harper, WMEL's owner. "It is unique," said Harper. "There is no other show like it in East Central Florida. We thought it was only natural to add it to our programming lineup on the weekends."

BUSTED!   3-6-09
A home off of Orange Blossom Trail in Orange County was visited by the Orange County Sheriff's Gang Unit and the Federal Communications Commission on Friday night. Investigators said it was the headquarters for a pirate radio station on the 91.3 frequency. The FCC triangulated the signals and found the location of the home. Once agents entered the home, they found the DJ, Balthazard Senat , age 20, smoking pot and playing music. Balthazard faces charges of unauthorized, unlicensed transmission of radio signals and intent to deliver marijuana. Also arrested was Christopher Robert Roth.  During a two week investigation, authorities said the pirate radio station known as "Street Heat" broadcast live ads for criminal gangs and discussed where to buy drugs and find prostitutes.

Movin On Up  3-10-09
At Genesis owned WIXC-AM 1060, Katie Bokunic has been promoted to the position of General Sales Manager at "Brevard's Big Talker". Congratulations Katie!

Cost Cutting At Genesis    3-10-09
It looks like Genesis has joined other broadcast companies by consolidating positions. Kevin Fennessy has left WIXC-AM 1060 after just 3 months as Vice President/General Manager. The company last week eliminated the GM position at their Orlando cluster, as well, which includes WHOO-AM 1080 "1080 The Team" and WAMT-AM 1190.

Program Changes At WELE    3-10-09
Jerry Doyle will be heard on WELE-AM 1380 beginning next Monday, weeknights form 10PM-1AM followed by Phil Hendrie 1AM-6AM. Laura Ingraham has also been added to the WELE programming line-up. Laura can be heard weekday afternoons from Noon-2PM. Dave Ramsey moves to weeknights 7PM-10PM during non-game nights.

Documentary About Local Band    3-10-09
Kelly Rouse's award-winning feature length documentary about the legendary Daytona Beach garage band, the Nightcrawlers, "Cracking the Egg: The Untold Story of The Nightcrawlers" will be playing at the Florida Film Festival on Friday, April 3rd at 8:30PM at the Regal Winter Park Village, 510 N. Orlando Ave in Winter Park.  "The Little Black Egg" was a regional and national  hit.
Tickets can be purchased at www.floridafilmfestival.com

Ed Krampf Picks Up Orlando   3-17-09
CBS Radio has consolidated the Tampa and Orlando General Manager's position. Ernest James is out and Ed Krampf is in. The Orlando cluster includes WOMX-FM 105.1, WOCL-FM 105.9 and WJHM-FM 101.9. Ed will be commuting between Tampa and Orlando. Krampf also oversees sales in the Tampa cluster.

Happy Birthday!   3-18-09
Happy 47th birthday to WPOZ-FM 88.3 morning co-host Ellis B. Feaster

Birthday Greetings This Week     3-22-09
Mark Hellinger celebrates his 53rd on Monday and Dennis Winslow blows out the candles on Tuesday. Happy Birthday fellows!

Ed Krampf On The Move - Again  3-23-09
Initial reports were that CBS Radio was consolidating the Tampa and Orlando markets. Well in a quick turnaround, CBS is moving Ed to Los Angeles instead. Dan Weiner has resigned from his post in LA, so Krampf will head west as Senior VP/Market Manager overseeing the company's seven outlets there.

CBS Names Howe To Oversee Florida Clusters  3-26-09
On April 1, Don Howe will take over as Senior Vice President/Market Manager for the CBS Radio clusters in Tampa and Orlando. The Orlando cluster includes WOMX-FM 105.1, WOCL-FM 105.9 and WJHM-FM 101.9. The Tampa cluster includes WLLD-FM 98.7, WQYK-FM 99.5, WQYK-AM 1010, WRBQ-FM 104.7, WSJT-FM 94.1 and WYUU-FM 92.5. Don will be commuting between Tampa and Orlando.


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